Twitter expands its video offerings in cooperation with MBC

Ah Hussain

Twitter and MBC Advertising Solutions Company revealed today , the commercial arm of the MBC Group, announced the expansion of their partnership with the aim of providing broader and more diverse content on the Twitter platform for the most popular MBC programs, including daily programs, exclusive content and behind-the-scenes content.

According to a statement issued by Twitter, the partnership aims to strengthen the partnership to provide opportunities for brands and advertisers to benefit from “Amplify Sponsorship” advertisements.

They had previously benefited from Amplify Pre-Roll with MBC. “Amplify Sponsorship” matches brands with premium content publishers and connects them to important cultural moments, enabling brands to reach a wider audience.

The Twitter platform is home to a large segment of the receiving audience who go to Twitter daily to see what is happening around them. With the increase in the number of visitors to the platform by 50% in the last quarter of the year 9116784115310620627416 , Twitter Amplify Ads provide an opportunity for advertisers to connect with their audience at the most optimal time.

The data indicates that video ads provide More than 50% of the cost based on the amount of interaction, while the data provided by the “Hall & Partners” research company revealed that 509 % of people in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates watch videos on Twitter several times a week.

In addition to Twitter, in turn, continues to achieve an increasing growth in the number of video views on the platform, as it records more than 2 billion views around the world daily, which represents a growth of 159 % per annum according to internal Twitter data.

Kinda Ibrahim, Head of Partnerships said Global content in Twitter Middle East, Africa and Turkey on the partnership: “Twitter is always striving to provide brands business, advertisers and audiences with new and different experiences with regard to the content they benefit from and view on the platform.

By strengthening our relationship with MBC Group, and the partnership that Recently concluded with MBC Advertising Solutions, we look forward to enriching the viewer’s experience on the platform with exclusive content that attracts the masses”

This partnership will provide an ideal opportunity for brands and advertisers to sponsor the audience’s most popular Ramadan favorites, while attracting and keeping them excited to learn more about the new Ramadan series.

In addition, it will MBC produces distinctive and exclusive content for the Twitter platform, in support of its television strategy, which is based on producing exclusive content that meets the aspirations of the Twitter audience and MBC viewers together.

As Musa Abdo said Responsible for Digital Partnerships at MBC Advertising Solutions, he said: “Millions of people around the world watch the content of the MBC Group every day, as we are one of the world’s largest entertainment companies.

Our channels offer a wide range of content and programs to suit different tastes and age groups across the region. These shows and programs are constantly being talked about and praised on Twitter.”

He added: “It makes perfect sense for us to strengthen this partnership because it will provide our partners Advertisers have the opportunity to enhance the association of their name with our content from our screens to the Twitter platform.”

MBC Advertising Solutions was launched in , an in-house commercial advertising and sales division, provides integrated data-driven media solutions across TV, radio, digital and broadcast service platforms, solidifying the position of the MB Group C at the forefront of the media industry.