The Egyptian Traditional Food Products Exhibition kicks off in Orman Garden

Aya Hussain

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization “UNIDO” in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the strategic partner, has completed preparations for the second phase of the Egyptian competition for food products, which will be launched tomorrow Friday and over two days 26/758 This March, represented by the opening of an exhibition for entrepreneurs in the field of traditional food products and the holding of the award ceremony for the owners of the winning products on

March in Orman Garden in Giza.

Ahmed Rizk, Deputy Representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), said that the exhibition will be a distinguished opportunity for producers. Entrepreneurs in the field of local and heritage food products to display and introduce their products, open outlets for sale, increase their profits, and It is to encourage various small projects, especially in the field of food, noting that the activities of the first round of the national competition for local and heritage food products, which will be held for the first day in Egypt, have been launched. /17 last March, with the participation of 165 Foundation and Association and a productive destination, participants from 22 governorate, and Wasl The number of products to 763 a local heritage food product, and the first phase, which is the judging and tasting phase, included tasting and evaluating the products over a period of two days and choosing the best of them during a committee Made up of three people (consumer – producer – specialist) and evaluation of the product in terms of three factors of appearance, taste and smell.

He indicated that the committee included experts and specialists in its membership, through the participation of the Faculty of Agriculture at Menoufia University Under the supervision of Dr. Ayman Hafez Issa, Dean of the College, which participated with agricultural experts to evaluate the food products participating in the competition, adding that over two days, the products were evaluated and tasted and extracted from them. It is lost, for each participating product includes many details in terms of tradition, history and the extent of the Egyptian people’s connection to it, whether it is from popular dishes associated with authentic Egyptian seasons and celebrations, which is what has been given great attention by most companies, whether by participation or sponsorship by international organizations, major companies and other local partners, and this comes Believing in the great role of developing industry, economy and small enterprises in Egypt.

Ahmed Reda, Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry and supervisor of the Industrial Technology and Innovation Centers, said that the competition for the promotion and marketing of Egyptian heritage food products is an essential pillar for introducing the heritage. Egyptian food, as well as helping to preserve the historical identity of Egyptian food, pointing out that the competition enhances the creation of job opportunities for young people and entrepreneurs, as well as creating new investment opportunities for producers and distributors, which allows increasing the opening of their outlets and thus increasing export opportunities for those products, which is what the strategy pursues. The Ministry of Trade and Industry in increasing the number of exports and reducing imports.

And Reda noted the importance of this competition, which is closely related With the initiative launched under the auspices of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi (Dignified Life), where the focus in this competition was on the participation of women in remote areas, which have a special heritage character that distinguishes them, which contributes to helping them establish and expand their small and micro projects.