The International Women’s Summit honors Dr. Ghada Makadi, Director General of Partnerships at “UNICEF”

Aya Hussein

The International Women’s Summit honored Dr. Ghada Makadi, Director General of Partnerships

at the United Nations Children’s Fund “UNICEF”.

She praised Makadi’s role in supporting women’s and children’s issues in various local and international forums.

On her part, Makadi praised the efforts of The Egyptian state to empower Egyptian women in various fields and the political leadership’s keenness to narrow the gender gap

Makadi called on all sects of society to unite in order to achieve equality, as the government will not be able alone Emphasizing that despite some progress being made, the gap between men and women in terms of participation in the labor market remains large.

She continued, “It is enough to know that no advanced or middle-income economy has reduced the gender gap. to less than 7 percentage points.

Makadi called for accelerating the pace of reducing the gender gap because we need indicators 108 A year to fill the gap completely.”

Referred to The empowerment of women is reflected positively on the economic situation, as studies have shown that the financial performance of companies improves with the increase of gender equality in the boards of directors of companies.

and warned that there is no Equal opportunities for women and men, stressing that it entails high economic costs and could prevent countries from enjoying the economic renaissance.

Makadi praised the “Decent Life” initiative and its role In supporting women in the countryside, where the initiative is characterized by its holistic character, because it targets the poor groups most in need and also have the support of the leadership at the highest level.”

She stressed that UNICEF considers the issue of gender equality a general priority and has a pivotal role in achieving Sustainable development and peace.

She indicated that the organization is keen to support girls, train them and enable them to the fullest extent to make their voices heard and convey their ideas

To Governments.
Makadi said that the United Nations Children’s Fund launched the “Balad Youth” initiative during the World Youth Forum, to be the Egyptian version of the United Nations international initiative, Generation Unlimited, which began work in the year 2018. She pointed out that the adoption of this new concept heralds the launch of a comprehensive effort that puts young people in the heart and provides them with the necessary skills and tools for future leaders.

She explained that Egypt chose to launch the “Youth .” project Balad expresses the high expectations expected of this youth and their ability to lead positive change in a way that enhances development plans and the progress of the country.

Makadi also indicated that it is considered the Dowi initiative Empowering girls is one of the projects that fall under the umbrella of ‘Balad Youth’, which won the patronage of Mrs. Intisar El-Sisi, the wife of the President of the Republic.