CIB-Egypt launches a new system

Books: Fathy Al-Sayeh

The new price structure is the first of its kind in Egypt, where it gives customers an exceptional banking experience by calculating the return according to the customer’s sector instead of the amount.

CIB announces ( CIB) – the largest private sector bank in Egypt – announced the restructuring of its products and services to various business sectors, individuals, companies, and small and medium enterprises to improve the banking experience to suit the needs and requirements of each segment separately. 04 The restructuring process included modifications in the definitions and parameters of each customer segment, to provide each customer with many options and give him maximum benefit from the advantages of each sector, including: That is, the volume of savings and financing and the revenues of companies and establishments. The most important advantages of the restructuring include setting the rates of time deposits and savings accounts in Egyptian pounds for each sector, regardless of the amount, as long as the appropriate business sector for the customer is identified with the bank. It is worth noting that CIB is the first bank in Egypt to take this step, as it has designed the new price structure to provide suitable prices for all customers from different sectors and maximize the investment value of their savings in addition to giving them more exclusive benefits, in addition to focusing on meeting their banking needs and strengthening their relations with the bank. In this context, Rashwan Hammadi, Head of Customer and Retail Banking Sectors at CIB, stated, The bank is always keen to adopt the latest innovative solutions to provide customers with the best financial solutions, and added that the newly designed new price structure is the first of its kind in Egypt, as it focuses on meeting customers’ needs and achieving their financial goals while providing them with a banking experience tailored to them.