Subscription to the Eskan Cash Insurance Fund will start next April



Iman Al-Wasali 2022

Hisham Mohsen, Managing Director of the Iskan Insurance Company, announced that subscription to the Iskan Cash Insurance Fund is scheduled to start next April , and that It is expected to obtain the approval of the Financial Supervisory Authority on the fund and its prospectus in the coming days. 2022 Mohsen indicated that the Arab African Investment Management Company will manage the fund, and that the fund will be launched under the name of the Iskan Investment Fund in Egyptian pounds with Cumulative daily return “every day

.2022 In the language of numbers .. Hisham Mohsen, who is considered one of the distinguished insurance experts in the market, said that his company’s investment portfolio amounted to about 500 Million pounds at the end of June 2022 The total assets of the company reached 700 million pounds during the same period, and this investment portfolio is distributed between public debt instruments such as treasury bills and treasury bonds, in addition to bank deposits and investment certificates

, And the that his company is 2023 It aims to invest in the stock exchange during the coming period, with the state starting to implement the government offerings program; This leads to the realization of its strategic plan to bring the company’s investment portfolio to one billion pounds within 3 years, which qualifies it in the future for direct investment in some projects and companies .

In response to a question by “Businessmen,” Hisham Mohsen said that The general assembly of his company had agreed to inject one million pounds in its paid-up capital as bonus shares, to be fully funded from retained and realized profits. the company, bringing its capital to 40 Million pounds in line with the company’s strategy to comply with the requirements of the unified insurance law, which is expected to be approved during the current year