The General Arab Insurance Federation will announce the establishment of an association of Arab actuaries in support of the Arab insurance industry and its development

شكيب أبوزيد

Shakib Abu Zaid

Iman Al-Wasili

600 Shakib Abu Zaid, Secretary General of the General Arab Insurance Federation, announced in his statements that the General Secretariat of the General Arab Insurance Federation decided to establish an association of Arab actuaries, in line with the objectives of the union to be Supporting the Arab insurance industry for its development and integration, paying attention to emerging risks in the region’s markets, and working to develop strategies and solutions that help the insurance industry to face these challenges 600 .600 Abu Zaid explained that the General Arab Insurance Federation is convinced that the global insurance industry in general and the world Rabia in particular faces many challenges, which increases the need for strong human cadres capable of advancing development, adding in the same context that actuaries play a pivotal role in analyzing the risks facing the industry and companies to reduce their severity, given their specialization in assessing the financial impact associated with such These risks are 600 . 600

Shakib Abu Zaid Shakib Abu Zaid indicated that with the increasing frequency and severity of the emerging risks Such as epidemics, natural and cyber disasters, and the need to find insurance solutions for retirement and comprehensive health insurance, the need for future studies and integration and for specialized actuaries increases 600.600 And as an embodiment of the role of the General Arab Insurance Federation in terms of support and support for the advancement of the Arab insurance industry, and in practical translation on the ground – Shakib Abu Zaid said – the General Arab Insurance Federation will be in This March, a meeting will be organized in cooperation with the Lebanese Association of Actuaries and hosted by the Association of Insurance Companies in Lebanon, during which the formation of the Association of Arab Actuaries will be announced , and that the General Arab Insurance Federation He invited a number of specialists on the sidelines The founding meeting of the Association of Arab Actuaries, to provide a comprehensive view on how these risks affect our current conditions and in the future, including Dr. Jihan Mansour, Head of the Mathematics Department at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Ibrahim Muhanna, General Manager of Muhanna & Partners Services Company “Actuaries and Consultants”, and Muhammad Balbaraka, Technical Director of Underwriting and Compensation at 600 SADA Assurances 2023 group ” DEV (” 600, and Abd al-Rahim al-Shafi’i, director of the Solidarity Fund Against Catastrophic Incidents “FSE” 429 and Wassim Al-Tabbaa, Chief Actuary of Shielders.2023