The Financial Supervisory Authority approves an increase in the capital of Delta Life Insurance to 250 million pounds

د. عاطف الزيبق
Dr. Atef Al-Zibaq

Eman Al-Wasli 2023
2022 announced d. Atef Al-Zaibaq, Managing Director of Delta Life Insurance Company, on the approval and approval of the Financial Supervisory Authority, to increase the issued and paid-up capital of the company to 200 one million pound.2022 Al-Zibaq said that the Financial Supervisory Authority agreed to amend Articles 6 and 7 of the Articles of Association of the Delta Life Insurance Company, so that the company’s authorized capital was determined at an amount of 300 million pounds, and the issued capital of the company was determined at 250 One million pounds divided into 62.5 million The value of each share is 4 pounds, with an increase of 03 million pounds, distributed among . 5 million shares, the value of each is 4 pounds, paid in full .2023 According to the decision of Dr. Muhammad Farid, Chairman of the Authority and issued under No. 537 for the year 2022 Dr. explained. Atef Al-Zaybak – All shares of Delta Life Insurance are nominal, and the company’s capital consists of 62. 5 million shares, and the founders and subscribers have subscribed to the company’s capital with shares, the number of which is 03. 5 million shares, the value of which is 250 one million pound. The company’s capital has been increased according to the shareholders’ share set aside from the dividends by an amount of 03 one million pounds, bringing the total The amount of the company’s issued and paid-up capital increase through bonus shares is 03 million pounds funded by dividends, and thus Increasing the issued and paid-up capital of the company from 200 one million pounds to 62 one million pound

.20232022 2023 On the other hand .. revealed d. Atef Al-Zaybak for targeting his company within the framework of the plan to achieve total premiums of 537 million pounds during the fiscal year 2022 / 2023, adding that his company is based on its strategy during this stage Coming to diversify its insurance portfolio and launch new products, in addition to working on geographical expansion to increase the company’s customer base 2023

, drawing attention 2023 2023 to This comes in parallel with the implementation of the company’s digital transformation to keep pace with the global developments of the insurance industry and in line with the state’s vision for the coming period, indicating the company’s determination to work on the technical and administrative development of the company, in addition to strengthening the company’s financial solvency and increasing its technical allocations . 2023