“Education” signed a cooperation protocol with the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency

Aya Hussein

Dr. Tariq signed Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, and Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, in her capacity as CEO of the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Authority, a cooperation protocol on providing distinguished job opportunities, qualification and education to meet the needs of the labor market by preparing highly skilled graduates.

2018 This comes within the framework of the state’s efforts to reform the economy and reduce unemployment And in application of the principle of strategic partnerships between ministries and various bodies in the Egyptian government with the aim of contributing to the provision of trained manpower for all productive sectors in order to develop society, raise the capabilities and efficiency of Egyptian labor and support the establishment and development of small projects.

The cooperation protocol aims to raise awareness and train young men and girls in the fields of industry, agriculture, tourism, trade and information technology, management and service They died and developed the required technical skills and behaviors that would enable them to join the labor market, within the framework of cooperation in the areas of training in entrepreneurship skills to set up small and micro projects, cooperation in the areas of technical training, cooperation in the areas of guidance and direction, and spreading the culture of self-employment among students.

It also seeks to identify schools Participation in cooperation activities with the agency in the various governorates, preparing and equipping training venues with the means needed for training in light of the capabilities available in the ministry, evaluating ideas for graduation projects for students of technical schools and graduates that can be implemented, coordinating on converting them into small projects, and encouraging innovative and creative ideas.

The protocol also includes the provision of financing for small and micro-enterprises Young men and girls, especially graduates of technical education, organize seminars, visits, awareness meetings, guidance and advice sessions in cooperation with the Ministry for youth and girls, especially in the areas of entrepreneurship, and participate in preparing trainers nominated by the Ministry In order to become trainers, mentors and counsellors, implementation is started as a first stage in a number of governorates, determined in coordination between the Ministry and the Agency, with priority given to schools that serve the initiative of a decent life, and the rest of the governorates are successively determined after the evaluation of the first stage, the target groups are teachers, students, graduates of technical schools, trainees and job seekers who are eligible to enter to the labor market.