Baron Group launches its first residential projects in the Fifth Settlement (Graya)

Ashraq Tawfiq

Mina Zarif, a member of the Board of Directors, explained that a residential project (compound) is running on an area of ​​4200 square meters and includes 120 residential units and fully-finished hotel studios with areas ranging from 45 to 110 meters

He said that the location of Jraya is very special on the northern 90th Street in the heart of the Fifth Settlement near the new administrative capital, the American University and the city of Rehab It is a unique and vital site that was chosen with the aim of serving the compound, especially that the idea of ​​making studios is directed to students of universities surrounding the compound and expatriates, which is an unconventional thought
Pointing out that a contract has been made with the engineering consultant office, engineer Mohamed Talaat, to do the engineering and construction designs for the project, and it is one of the largest consulting and engineering offices, and according to the project schedule, the entire project is scheduled to be completed and delivered within three years. A and a half

Mina Zarif revealed that there are a number of projects under study, including residential, commercial and administrative ones, with the aim of expanding the market The company has a plan to implement residential projects in order to diversify its investment portfolio, increase its customer base, and add a new, distinct and unique real estate product that serves a wide segment of society