Nancy Ajram shines in a concert in Cairo

Eh Hussein

The Lebanese star Nancy Ajram performed a concert with the participation of: The stars Ahmed Saad and Ahmed Shayba, inside a hotel in New Cairo, and Nancy lit the party with a bouquet of her distinguished songs that she starred in throughout her artistic career, including: “Who is this who forgot you”, “Salamat”, “Ah and a text”, “Inta eh” and “ Girls”, in addition to “You are Egyptian”, which ignited more excitement and others that it presented in response to the audience’s desires for about an hour and a half, and the audience also interacted with the paragraphs of Ahmed Saad and Ahmed Shayba, who presented a number of their distinctive popular songs.

The Lebanese star and singer Nancy Ajram had expressed her great happiness with the reactions of her fans to her new song, “Ma Tattapoor”, which she presented, which is among the The songs of her new album, “Nancy 10”, written and composed by Nabil Khoury, distributed by Bassem Rizk, directed by Samir Siriani, confirming that the words of admiration for the song touched the love and support of her fans. Her wishing them a day

Nancy wrote, in a blog post on her personal account on the “Twitter” website: “Good morning .. I have been reading all of your tweets Your love and support touched my heart more than any words or expressions, I wish you a wonderful day full of beautiful energy, just like the day you shared with me here.”