Egyptian startups attract $491 million in funding in 2021

Aya Hussein

In a rapidly developing market, Egyptian startups have managed to left its mark on the venture capital map over the past year.

With a record number of venture capital investments, we are exploring extensive data With the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) to give you a deep dive into the best performing industries in Egypt and the most funded projects of the year

. 2022 After four consecutive years of growth in venture capital financing, the Egyptian ecosystem has noticed an increase of 2022 % on an annual basis in capital investment to reach a new all-time record of 491 million dollars.

2022 Approaching the 2022 million dollar mark is a sign A big difference especially because it comes simultaneously with unprecedented investor participation, as investors supporting startups in Egypt have nearly doubled Between 2022 and 2021. 2022

While Egypt was the only geographical country in the Middle East and North Africa that recorded an increase in the percentage of early stage deals (<

thousand USD), later stage deals also accounted for 26% of all transactions for the first

E-commerce and financial technology were the most active industries in terms of number of deals during the year 2021.

However, noting a watershed moment in the ecosystem, Egypt recorded Its first mega-deal (100 Million+ to date which put transportation and logistics first in terms of total financing.2021 2022 The Egyptian investment capital ecosystem has grown by 2022 % on an annual basis in capital investment to approach 2022 million dollars in 2022 Investor through more deals 491 % compared to the age 2022

2022 in an exceptional year For investor participation, global and local investors supporting startups in Egypt almost doubled between 2022 and

With more than 491 % of international investors.

Egypt recorded its first ever huge deal with an investment of 175 one million dollars, as the public finance activity is heading towards Last stage deals.

A record number of 7 exits was announced in Egypt during a year

With acquirers from the United States, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman.