Solidarity in a week..a report that monitors the activities of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in a week..

Aya Hussein

The Ministry of Social Solidarity reviews the activities and events carried out by Mrs. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, as well as the various sectors of the Ministry during the period from March 18 to March 25, where we review the most prominent of them in the report The following was published by the official page of the Ministry of Social Solidarity on the social networking site “Facebook” through a video clip that monitors the most prominent of those activities, which came as follows:

Saturday, March 19

• The Minister of Social Solidarity and the former Minister of Petroleum, Eng. Abdullah Ghorab, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shooting Club, honors exemplary mothers in the framework of the club’s celebrations “Egyptian women are an icon of success.”

• To complete the efforts to evacuate and return Egyptians in Ukraine to the country, the Red Crescent Al-Masry inaugurates the first relief services point in Poland at the Medica crossing.

• “You Are Stronger Than Drugs” campaign implemented by the “Fund for Addiction Control and Treatment gets third place internationally in the “Dubai Lynx World” competition And she will be crowned with a bronze medal in recognition of her creativity and her impact on youth.

Sunday, March 20

• Minister of Education Who do you meet with the President of the Republic regarding the state’s efforts to face the repercussions of economic fluctuations as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the President directs to increase pensions by 27% and implement the increase from April 2022 430 A thousand new families were included in the “Solidarity and Dignity” program.

Social Solidarity issues a corrective statement regarding the news of referring 6 former Solidarity officials to trial, and it clarifies that it is an old case Since 2018 and Solidarity is the one who reported it and held those responsible accountable.

The Minister of Solidarity announces the names of the winners of the Ideal Mother Competition for the year


A governorate, in addition to the categories of army and police martyrs, disability, economic empowerment, sponsorship, and volunteering.

Monday, March 21

• Minister of Solidarity Participate in a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister regarding the preparation for Ramadan and the mechanisms for facing the impact of the global crisis on strategic goods.

• The choir of children with Down syndrome and autism, organized by the Ministry with the “Advance” association, to conclude the “Mama and I” camp On the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day.

• Cultural Center The Coptic Orthodox Church honors the Minister of Solidarity within the framework of the ideal mother celebrations in the presence of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and His Eminence Bishop Jeremiah, General Bishop and Head of the Center.

• The National Center for Social and Criminal Research launches a study for the general public on the nature of the relationship between programs

Tuesday, March 22

The Minister of Solidarity participates in the periodic meeting chaired by Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly to follow up on the developments of the presidential initiative “A Dignified Life”

• “Ata’ Fund” to support the activities of persons with disabilities holds the Board of Directors to discuss its achievements and review its strategic plan.

• Al-Kabbaj at the conclusion of the training forum for the National Network for Economic Empowerment Volunteers “Support” in partnership with the “Life Makers” Association and in the presence of a 600 volunteer. Cairo, Giza, Sharqia, Alexandria, and Assiut.

Wednesday 23 March

• The Minister of Solidarity presents the most important achievements of the Ministry’s activities and programs related to TTM Supporting women Supporting mothers in the celebration of the Egyptian Women’s Day and the Ideal Mother, in the presence of the President and his wife.

• The YLF Leaders League competition for student activities in Egypt participates in the conclusion of the YLF Leaders League competition of the Ministers of Immigration and Higher Education, and allocates 2 million EGP to the Foundation for equal educational and research opportunities.

• A cooperation protocol was signed with the “Khair and Baraka” Association and the McDonald’s House of Good Egypt, funded by “Mansour” companies, regarding early childhood development and the expansion of the establishment of nurseries and child centers.

• Participates in the celebration of Baheya Foundation to honor mothers fighting cancer, and allocates 30 one million pounds in cash support for women and mothers for the early detection of breast cancer and for hormonal therapy. Thursday, March 24

• Under the slogan “With awareness, Egypt is changing for the better,” the Ministry of Solidarity launches the campaign “Building Awareness Program cadres for community development” in all governorates and in “Dignified Life” centers.

• Social Solidarity meets with Sister Safrinki, Head of the St. George’s Monastery in Wadi El-Natrun, regarding the Foundation for Children without Care, and she meets with Anba Paula, Metropolitan of Tanta and its affiliates, to discuss the launch of the Astronomy Care Project People with intellectual disabilities.

• Al-Kabbaj announces the detection of 3,550 school bus drivers during a month in the second semester, and a decrease in the rate of abuse from 30 % year 2015 to 0.6% year 2022.

• Social Solidarity Unit at the University of Ain Shams organizes a symposium on “Population increase and its impact on community development in light of the “2 Enough” program