Health risks of diet and elements and foods to strengthen the immune system

Dr. Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim

The American Dietetic Association clarified that inventive and dangerous diets, a type of diet that guarantee immediate weight loss without the need for exercise or physical activities. Where losing weight has become a major concern for generations, especially among young people who aspire to have an ideal and distinctive body, and to achieve this goal, many people may resort to wrong diet practices.

The American Dietetic Association says, Heterodox diets are a type of diet that guarantees immediate weight loss without the need for exercise or physical activities, but it is not based on clear scientific evidence, and therefore is considered an unsafe diet and can increase the risk of health conditions such as kidney damage and fluid disorder in the body. The body and other chronic diseases.

According to studies of the American Dietetic Association, fad diets provide delicious and preferred foods for the target person, but place severe restrictions on certain healthy nutrients, adding that the idea behind these types of diets It is to modify eating patterns and maintain physical activity. Where the fad diets include many systems such as the ketogenic diet, the vegetarian diet, the Atkins diet, the Cambridge diet, the Slim Fast diet, but some systems such as the ketogenic diet and Atkins have some health benefits.

The reasons for the popularity of fad diets are Although it is unsafe, it guarantees immediate weight loss, and is prompted by powerful marketing strategies, which convince people of the success of dieting in improving their conditions of life and health, without much effort. But nutrition experts advise to follow a healthy balanced diet that includes all the nutrients from fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, seeds and lean meats with frequent drinking of water. And other favorite foods can be eaten, but in small quantities, without deprivation while reducing anxiety, stress and night sleep.

Nutrition experts confirm that just following a diet to lose weight is unhealthy in the long run, because it may increase the risk of infection. other chronic diseases, so they advise people who want to lose weight to follow up with a nutritionist to determine a diet that suits their personal health condition, and never expect quick results to lose weight in a short period. Eating fresh foods and other nutrients to strengthen the immune system. When it comes to the health and strength of the immune system, food is a key factor in increasing or weakening it. Where she explained that it is necessary to eat all or some of the following foods, nutrients and herbs in order to increase immunity, they are:

= Probiotic foods: Probiotic foods raise the rate and health of the environment of beneficial bacteria in the body, which is an important factor in controlling The strength and efficiency of the work of the immune system. Where studies have shown the role of this in promoting the health of the digestive system, preventing food allergies and allergic diseases such as allergic sinusitis, relieving eczema, preventing psoriasis, and fighting obesity. Among its most important sources are milk, yoghurt, Greek yogurt, and some healthy pickles.

= Pumpkin and squash pulp: one of the most types of plants that contain zinc, magnesium and protein. It is considered one of the nuts that increase the alkalinity of the body, which supports the work of the immune system in killing viruses, infections and cancer. It is a diuretic, which contributes to improving kidney function in general and preventing the formation of kidney stones.

= Garlic: Garlic is one of the greatest antioxidants and virus fighters, as it contains two important compounds to enhance immunity, alliin and allicin. It also contains calcium, potassium, phosphorous and silver, which is important for liver health. Eating it contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, immune system in particular, and fighting parasites.

= Onions: Onions contain vitamin C, quercetin, an anti-coagulant substance, heart attacks, and antioxidants. It prevents cholesterol oxidation and arteriosclerosis. It also contains sulfur, which is antiviral, antibacterial, and an immune stimulant, and propyl di sulfide, which helps regulate blood sugar for diabetics. It is recommended to eat it raw to take advantage of its beneficial compounds.

= Green tea: Studies have shown that there are benefits of green tea in maintaining the health of the arteries and strengthening immunity, and that it is one of the most powerful antioxidants that prevents cholesterol oxidation. It also contains theanine, which stimulates psychological comfort and antidepressant, and is considered a good sleep regulator and an immune stimulant. The women’s menstrual cycle. It also helps relieve nausea and vomiting, fights bacteria resistant to antibiotics, and improves respiratory health.

= The sun’s vitamin “D” is the king of vitamins: it is one of the most important vitamins needed by every cell in the body in addition to its importance for bone health and muscles. And that the most important sources of exposure to sunlight, and eating animal meat, cod liver oil, egg yolk and fish oils. Among its benefits:

– a component of hormones such as cortisone, which plays an important role in improving immunity or inhibiting it when its secretion increases.

– resists the effects of Negative anxiety and stress hormones.

– relieves fatigue and body pain and prevents cold and its symptoms such as influenza.

– protects against diseases such as herpes.

– Equals blood pressure and sugar.

– Maintains healthy skin.

= zinc metal It is one of the most important minerals that are used to increase immunity. It helps to renew sensory cells such as sensitivity to smell and taste and reduce the duration of colds. It is considered an immune booster and a preventer from colds. And that zinc enters the composition of stomach acid and is considered a protector against the occurrence of intestinal leakage, so the stomach acid medicine is not absorbed in the event of zinc deficiency.

= Turmeric: It is one of the best spices that helps reduce inflammation and is anti-inflammatory Anti-viral and anti-cold. It contains curcumin, which is absorbed in the intestines with the help of black pepper. This compound has several benefits, such as regulating blood sugar levels, anti-oxidation of cholesterol, protecting against hardening of the arteries, and reducing signs of aging, premature aging and cancer. Due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral role, it is an immune booster. It also helps in oral hygiene, treatment of gum problems, bad breath and teeth whitening. As an aid in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Eating a high dose of it leads to a drop in blood sugar and an increase in skin sensitivity, i.e. itching and the formation of gallstones and bleeding. 15 grams of vitamin C to perform its functions. Regular intake of dietary vitamin C contributes to:

– Prevention of diseases and symptoms of colds.

– Helping treat some diseases as a disease Cancer.

– Preserving the lining cells in the digestive system, respiratory system, and blood vessels.

– Increasing iron by %75 Whether from animal or vegetable sources.

– One of the most powerful antioxidants that prevents the oxidation of harmful cholesterol.

– Improving skin collagen, reducing the symptoms of aging, tightening the body and preventing flabbiness. Gout, as it improves blood cells and kidneys.

– Lowering the hormone cortisol, which helps regulate sleep and reduce anxiety and stress.