The Egyptian Post signs a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Association for Vehicle Insurance

Eman Al-Wasli March 14, 2023: On the sidelines of the activities of the Micro Insurance Conference, which will be held during the period from 13 to 15 March in Luxor Governorate, the Egyptian Post signed a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Association for Motor Insurance, which allows the disbursement of compensation amounts to the beneficiaries. Through post offices spread all over the Republic.900 The protocol was signed by Khaled Emam, Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Post Board of Directors for Financial Inclusion, and Ibrahim. Labib, Director Al-Tanf It belongs to the Egyptian Association for Vehicle Insurance.

2023 Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Post, said: “This protocol comes within the framework of developing relations The strategy between the Egyptian Post and the insurance companies operating in Egypt, pointing out that it is of great importance represented in the contribution of the Egyptian Post in reaching insurance services to a larger segment of customers in all regions, villages and hamlets in all governorates by benefiting from the wide geographical spread of post offices, which number more than 4,300 post offices are spread throughout the Republic, ensuring that insurance services reach all citizens with ease and ease.”

Dr. Sherif Farouk explained that this protocol comes within the framework of the Egyptian Post’s strategy aimed at building a reliable platform to provide financial inclusion services at a high level of quality and at affordable prices, which contributes to supporting the state’s policy in achieving financial inclusion and facilitating citizens’ access to insurance services. Since, through this service, the beneficiaries of compensation will be able to disburse the amount of compensation through post offices located throughout the Republic or through ATMs affiliated with the Egyptian Post or affiliated with any of the banks operating in Egypt using the prepaid “Egypt Post Advantage” card.

Dr. Sherif Farouk added that this service comes as a continuation of the efforts of the Egyptian Post towards developing its services and introducing new services that meet the needs of all segments of society, stressing the keenness of the Egyptian Post To open horizons of cooperation with all ministries, agencies and institutions T and companies to enable the development of postal services and the provision of distinguished services to citizens.2023 as explained Khaled Emam, Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Post Board of Directors for “Financial Inclusion”, that this agreement aims to facilitate the beneficiaries of compensation in obtaining the compensation due by providing several exchange channels, whereby citizens can disburse compensation from all post offices, which number more than 4,300 offices. Mail spread throughout the Republic or through mobile mail cars and postal kiosks, or from ATMs, whether affiliated with the Egyptian Post or other banks.2023 For his part, Ibrahim Labib, Executive Director of the Egyptian Insurance Association, stated: compulsory on vehicles, that the Egyptian Insurance Association is pleased to cooperate with the Egyptian Post, one of the most important and oldest economic institutions in Egypt, which is witnessing remarkable development at all levels and enjoys great confidence among citizens through its various services, which witnessed an unprecedented boom in recent times and has played a major role in achieving Transactions with the required accuracy and speed, pointing out that the signing of the protocol with the Egyptian Post is an extension of Al-Majma’a’s constant pursuit to achieve financial inclusion and digital transformation to reach the strategic goals that the Egyptian government aspires to in reaching a society less dependent on banknotes. Ibrahim Labib explained that this distinguished partnership will enable the clients of the Egyptian Insurance Association to disburse financial compensation through post offices spread throughout the Republic, which contributes to the implementation of the strategic plan of the association, which It aims to spread geographically in all governorates. Whereas, the recorded data and statistics with Al-Majma’a confirm that most of the beneficiaries who are entitled to compensation amounts are residents of the Egyptian countryside and other governorates outside Greater Cairo, and therefore it is necessary to contract with the Egyptian Post, given its presence and spread throughout Egypt.2023