The Minister of Trade and Industry issues a decision to continue imposing a fee issued on scraps, waste, rags and rags of cotton and cotton fabrics at a rate of 3,000 pounds per ton for a year.

نيفين جامع Nevin Jameh

Minister of Trade and Industry Nevin Jameh issued a decision to continue working with the ministerial decision to impose a fee on scraps, waste, rags and fabrics Cotton and cotton mixed at 3 thousand pounds per ton, excluding scraps, droppings, rags and jeans, for a period of one year from the date of the issuance of the decision and its publication in the Egyptian Gazette. According to the decision, the exported messages of scraps, scraps, rags and rags of jeans and polyester will continue to be examined through a committee that includes representatives from the Customs Authority and the General Organization for Export and Import Control to ensure that they do not contain scraps and waste. 3692785477456893

The decision also included that this fee does not apply. On the letters exported to the productive projects established in the free zones within the Arab Republic of Egypt and within the limits of the quantities It is approved by the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones.

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Sigini, Assistant Minister said For Economic Affairs and Supervisor of the Agreements and Foreign Trade Sector, the decision aims to provide the needs of factories working in the field of recycling scraps at reasonable prices, as well as contribute to deepening the national industry in this sector, noting that the decision was issued after a survey of the opinion of the Export Council for Spinning, Textiles and Furniture and the Export Council for Ready-made Garments, and the decision will be reviewed annually to determine the extent to which it can be continued or amended. )