Reda Abdel Qader – Discovering 17,000 tax evasion cases, by analyzing the data of the electronic invoice system.

Reda Abdel Qader, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority

16395 Fathy Al-Sayeh

Reda Eid Al-Qader, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, stated that the electronic invoice system helps to control the market movement and accurately account for the tax community, adding that through Analysis of the data through the electronic invoice system resulted in the discovery of 19 a thousand cases of tax evasion, pointing out that 4600 cases of them reconciled with The interest, and paid about 5 and a half billion pounds.

He pointed out ” Abdul Qader pointed out that the number of electronic invoices on the electronic invoice system exceeds one million invoices per day, which helps in the formation of a huge and accurate database on the tax community and makes the authority able to detect cases of evasion easily, pointing out that the electronic invoice system is one of the Authority’s development projects, which aims to integrate market The informal system of the official system and achieving the principle of equal opportunities and justice among companies operating in the Egyptian market, facilitating and accelerating tax procedures, fighting tax evasion, and collecting state dues.

“Abdul Qader” confirmed that the Egyptian Tax Authority is implementing the electronic invoice system in a phased manner to be generalized to the entire tax community, pointing out that the implementation of the sixth phase of the system has begun in 15 last February, calling on the companies that are obligated to join the electronic invoice system in the sixth phase of it, to quickly take the necessary measures to join the system in order to avoid taking legal measures against them

“Abdul Qader” stressed that the interest will not compromise in applying the provisions of the law. against the evaders, pointing out that the penalty for tax evasion is up to 5 years in prison and puts the evader on the list of crimes against honor with all its consequences for the evader, while obliging the evader to pay the taxes and fines owed by him to the state.

The “Head of the Tax Authority” said that and The Ministry of Finance and the Tax Authority provide all facilities and support for companies to mandatory join the electronic invoice system, whether through the technical support office at the Senior Taxpayers Center or field visits, and through the integrated call center on the number 913 or through e-mail


This is in addition to providing the authority with all the information and private data In the electronic invoice system by entering this link on the authority’s website 16395 2020