Harvest of the Ministry of International Cooperation within a week

رانيا المشاط Rania Al-Mashat

Aya Hussain

During the past week, the Ministry of International Cooperation witnessed a number of important events, events and meetings in Efforts to strengthen economic relations between Egypt and its multilateral and bilateral development partners, follow up on the implementation of projects funded by development partners, and stimulate relations with the private sector, which will reflect positively on the implementation of the state’s development vision. and the objectives of the government’s program “Egypt Goes Off”.
A visit to Assiut Governorate

During the visit of Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, she inspected, along with Major General Essam Saad, Governor of Assiut, and the Dutch Ambassador in Cairo, Han Maruts Schapfeld, the STEM School for Excellence in Science, Technology and Mathematics, in the governorate, which It is considered one of the models of development cooperation between Egypt and the United States Agency for International Development.

Al-Mashat also witnessed the graduation of the first batch of the Upper Egypt Orange Corners Program, implemented in cooperation between the Dutch Embassy and the Bank of Alexandria, where
an entrepreneur from the program from Cairo and Upper Egypt, in the framework of strengthening the environment for entrepreneurship and innovation; The Minister of International Cooperation also inspected the new Asyut Barrages, which serve 5 governorates and enhance irrigation water management for about 1. 2021 million feddans, as well as inspecting the Assiut Hydroelectric Station, which provides energy for about 2021 a thousand homes, and contributed to the financing of The two projects are the German Development Bank.

In the same context, I checked Minister of International Cooperation, USAID-funded Drinking Water and Sanitation Services Training Center, which includes a customer service center and a regional training center, serving the East and West regions and Assiut city center in total 674 A thousand beneficiaries, and it includes 4 training rooms with the latest capabilities, and two developments discussed the launch of the Utilities and Infrastructure Networks Information Center, which was funded by a grant provided by the Ministry of International Cooperation, to support the new center that is being established as the first A center specialized in raising utilities and placing them on accurate cadastral maps through an integrated infrastructure database.

Research on Promoting Climate Action

In another context, “Al-Mashat” met with the African Development Bank mission led by Mr. Kevin Kariuki, Vice President of the Bank for Energy, Climate and Green Transformation, which included several officials of the Bank, at the conclusion of her visit to Egypt, to discuss the results of consultations with the mission in light of Egypt’s readiness to host the Conference of the Parties in the United Nations Climate Convention COP27.
The Minister of International Cooperation also met with the International Fund for Agricultural Development “IFAD” mission, led by Ms. Yotsna Joe Bury, Assistant Vice President for Strategy and Knowledge, where they discussed opportunities for coordination and joint cooperation with the Fund within the framework of Egypt’s hosting of the COP Climate Summit27, and discussing the position of the Development Cooperation Program with the Fund and the projects being implemented with funds provided by the delegation.

In the same context, the Minister of International Cooperation held a virtual meeting with Mr. Ambroese Faioli and Mrs. Gilzomina Viglioti, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, with the participation of a number of officials of the Bank, to discuss cooperation scattered In the context of Egypt’s intensified preparations to organize the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP) 61, and promoting development work in the field of green transformation.
In terms of strengthening joint work between development partners and the private sector Al-Mashat witnessed the launch of the influential investment fund “Catalist Capital Egypt”, in partnership between the United Nations Development Program and the Misr Insurance Holding Company, and a number of other financial institutions, with a capital of one billion pounds, which aims to promote impact investment in Egypt as a main means to achieve development goals. sustainable development included in the national development plan in Egypt, through investment in small and medium-sized companies. Egyptian-American Cooperation

Dr. Rania met with Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, Mr. Jonathan Cohen, the US ambassador in Cairo, who is scheduled to officially end his duties in Egypt as the representative of the United States United States of America by the end of this month.

And directed “Al-Mashat “Thanks to Ambassador Jonathan Cohen for his period of work in Egypt and his continuous cooperation in order to strengthen Egyptian-American relations, stressing Egypt’s keenness to consolidate economic and development cooperation with the United States of America and expand more areas of cooperation through the joint strategy with the United States Agency for International Development for the period. From 2021-2025.

Egyptian-German Relations رانيا المشاط
Al-Mashat met with Mr. Frank Hartmann, the German ambassador in Cairo, to discuss strengthening economic relations Egyptian-German, and discussing the future of development cooperation relations between the two countries.

The Ministry of International Cooperation had launched the annual report for the year 2021, under the title “Effective development cooperation to build a better future.” As the total development financing agreements that have been concluded amount to about 61.2 billion Dollars, including 7.8 billion dollars for the various state sectors and 1.2021 one billion dollars for the private sector.