EGYPTAIR CARGO succeeds in passing the European Union inspection

Iman Al-Wasili

In the framework of the directives of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Holding Company EgyptAir stressed the need to maintain local and international accreditations to enhance confidence at the international level and attract more customers. EgyptAir Air Cargo succeeded in passing the European Union inspections regarding security procedures for handling and shipping goods and mail from Egypt to the European Union and the United Kingdom on its planes as well as the planes of foreign companies Which you serve, as the inspection for the renewal of the “ACC3” and “RA3” certificates has been passed.

The company obtains the two certificates The two countries are in response to the laws and regulations of the European Union, which stipulate the need to apply certain security standards with regard to the handling, storage and shipment of goods and mail to the European Union and the United Kingdom, which supports the company’s position internationally.

Ahmed Shaheen, head of M The Board of Directors of EgyptAir Air Cargo stated that the result of the inspection was in accordance with international standards, indicating the company’s employees’ readiness and readiness and their commitment to the security procedures specified in the various work sites in the goods complexes in Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor. Khaled Youssef, head of the cargo movement sector at EgyptAir Air Cargo, explained that the international inspection and the renewal of the international accreditations aims to ensure that the procedures for handling shipments and mail are carried out with the highest levels of security, safety, ground and air safety, and in accordance with International standards as well as the standards of the European Union and the United Kingdom regarding the security procedures and air freight procedures followed by the company, praising the efforts made by the officials concerned with the application of security requirements and the coordination and fruitful cooperation between all security agencies in the Ministry of Interior and airport managers as well as officials of the Customs Authority in all the sites inspected.