The Minister of Culture announces the creative agenda for Ramadan 2022

Aya Hussein

1479 Intellectual and artistic activity in the celebrations of the Ministry of Culture in the month of Ramadan

Cultural celebrations in the month of Ramadan in all parts of Egypt

The artist, Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, announced the plan for cultural and artistic activities during the holy month of Ramadan, which comes within the framework of the celebrations of choosing Cairo as the capital of culture in the Islamic world, held in cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO). To preserve identity and highlight the role of creativity in building people and developing awareness. It includes 1479 an artistic, intellectual and creative event that will be held from 7 to 66 Ramadan and it is implemented in various governorates of Egypt and it came as follows :-

• The Egyptian Opera House

The Egyptian Opera House is organized under the chairmanship of Dr. Magdy Saber 2021 A Ramadan party that begins at half past nine in the evening and is held on its various theaters in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour, and includes distinguished musical and lyrical evenings of a spiritual and religious nature that transcend feelings and conscience, in addition to performances by unique young artistic bands with nights for music stars Singing and nightlife for Arab countries, in addition to the continuation of the activities of the artistic season program for the opera, and it includes 3 concerts on the Fountain Theater for the stars Medhat Saleh accompanied by the famous pianist Amr Selim, Ali El-Haggar, the Syrian Tariq Al-Arabi Tarkan and his sons, and on the open stage are held 10 Concerts for Brass Sound Band, Al Hadra Ensemble for Sufi Chants, Marimba player Nesma Abdel Aziz, Jordanian Makadi Nahas, Tunisian Ghalia Benali, Umm Kulthum Ensemble for Arabic Music, led by Maestro Muhammad Abd al-Sattar, Sheikh Yassin al-Tohamy, Syrian Lina Shamamian, drummer Tim, singer Marco Mamdouh. Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Indonesia and Palestine besides an evening of the cultural opera salon. The theater of the Arab Music Institute also hosts 4 concerts for the Wanes Ensemble, the Coptic Praise Ensemble led by Maestro Diaa Sabry, the Tunisian Maleha, and the Rawa’a Al Nagham Ensemble led by singer Reem Kamal., The Alexandria Opera House is witnessing 3 concerts for each of: Tunisian Ghalia Benali, Jordanian Makadi Nahas, Al-Hadra Ensemble for Sufi chanting. The Damanhour Opera Theater also receives two concerts for Mahmoud Al-Tohamy, Noor Al-Nabi Group for religious chanting, in addition to two evenings within the cultural salon activity, and the opera’s artistic season program continues on various theaters with two concerts For Abdel Halim Nouira Ensemble for Arabic Music, Cairo Symphony Orchestra, Talent Development Center, two concerts for the Arab National Music Ensemble, two concerts for the Religious Chanting Ensemble, Arab Heritage Music Ensemble, Alexandria Opera Orchestra and Strings, three concerts for Alexandria Opera Music and Singing Ensemble, Kulthumiat, and Habeat, Cinema Club The Opera Arts Club, two concerts by Baligh Hamdi and Muhammad Al-Mouji. an actual activity and 66 an electronic activity that includes a group of workshops and heritage crafts in the affiliated sites and museums. It is a workshop for leatherwork, the fifth experimental session for visual arts 2021/2022 “Small Arab Creative Salon” in Majalal Family art, Museum workshop, Web design, Robo Art, Sanattak Sanadak Workshop, Creative Writing, Visiting Artists Workshop, Creative Thinking for Adults, Action Painting, Celebration on the occasion of the 10th of Ramadan and honoring the brave heroes of the October War and the artists who presented national drama, Celebrating the Anniversary The special abilities of orphans with the participation of the Ajyal Wan Troupe, the Civilization Salon for Literature and Arts, and it holds the “Mohammedan Night” and revived by the Rawda Troupe for religious chanting, a workshop for designing the most beautiful lantern with orphans in celebration of the day of the orphan, a Ramadan evening that includes a drawing workshop and religious chant in cooperation with the Directorate of Education in Cairo, a drawing competition to celebrate On the Sinai holidays, a workshop on Islamic Arabic calligraphy and Islamic motifs, posting videos on the Facebook page of the talented in religious chanting and poetry, a symposium entitled (Cairo, the capital of Islamic culture, a drawing workshop for children entitled The Tenth of Ramadan, the Day of Dignity and Victory, a Ramadan religious chanting ceremony, on the occasion of the celebration in Cairo The capital of Islamic culture, a symposium entitled “Victory of Ramadan, science and faith”, completion of the permanent studio for adults, printing and mosaic workshop, religious songs and patriotic songs, righteousness The program “Ahlan Ramadan” and making Ramadan lanterns and decorations in innovative forms, a competition for inspiration in Cairo as the capital of culture, an “online” photography exhibition about old Cairo, an exhibition of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decorations, in addition to a large number of quality exhibitions and art salons for a distinguished group of plastic artists, and a select group Among the specialized workshops in “ornaments, veneer work on wood, leather painting, glass painting, traditional clothing, ouima, leatherwork, deguise and painted textiles”, drawing and coloring workshops, in addition to organizing a number of art concerts, intellectual and creative evenings, and training workshops.

• The General Authority for Culture Palaces

The General Authority for Culture Palaces, headed by director Hisham Atwa 2021 organizes an intellectual, artistic and creative event in all governorates of the Republic, including Wall North Cairo, which is witnessing the screening of a documentary film entitled Historic Old Cairo produced by the National Center for Cinema, the operetta Hana Cairo, the Arab Opera Ensemble, the Hadra Ensemble for Sufi chanting, and the Children’s Theater in the North Cairo wall hosts specialized artistic performances and external artistic groups from it. A Small Fingers Orchestra (Cultural Development Fund), cinematic shows for children produced by the General Authority for Culture Palaces, the Monkey Kingdom play for the puppet team at the Garden City Cultural Palace for children, children’s choir show, butterfly plays – Tell Grandpa – Beautiful Flowers – Blue Rose – Dandash and friends Al-Asfoura for the puppet group at the Garden City Cultural Palace for the child, a marionette show, artistic performances by “Arab music – folk music and singing – Egyptian aragos and puppets – children choir – children choir troupe with special abilities, the oriental takht, in addition to a variety of performances by folk arts troupes in various All over Egypt, including the traditional Tanoura, Port Said, folk instruments, Aswan, religious chanting, Eastern, Arish, National Circus, Freedom, Banha for Arabic music, Minya, Toshka Automatic, Matrouh, Seven for religious chanting, New Valley, Mostafa Kamel for Arab music, Kafr El-Sheikh , Beheira, Assiut, Nile Music and Folk Singing, Ismailia, and others.

The North Cairo Wall Walk and Beit El Shaer Theater host a variety of performances by folk bands, exhibitions, and concerts. Artistic St. In addition to a central exhibition that includes road products on copper – jewelry works – art of decoupage, and a presentation of the crescent biography of the Ezzat Qureshi band, documentary films, atlas of folk traditions.

This is in addition to many other activities on the sites Various cultural activities in Asmarat, the Social and Cultural Club of the Muslim Youth Association in Dokki, the Girls’ Foundation in Ain Shams, the Elderly Women’s House in Heliopolis, Makram Ebeid Youth Center in Nasr City, the Red Crescent Club in El Haram, Manshiet Nasser Youth Center, the Integrated Services Association Club in Agouza and all cultural regions.

• Academy of Arts

The Academy of Arts headed by Dr. Ghada Gebara presents 13 A diverse artistic event, including a party for the religious chanting troupe at the Higher Institute of Arab Music, and students of the Higher Institute of Folk Arts present some folk dances inspired by heritage at the Nihad Saliha Theatre. Umm Kulthum for Arabic music, and the activities of the Fifth International Scientific Conference are being launched electronically, and it is being received Ali Fahmy Theater at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts works that won international and local festivals over the past three years, The Ratiba El Hefny Hall at the Higher Institute of Arabic Music is witnessing as part of a participant The Academy of Arts in the National Reading Project A signing ceremony for the great cinematographer Saeed El-Shimy.

• The National Organization for Urban Coordination

The National Organization for Urban Coordination headed by Eng. Muhammad Abu Saada holds an exhibition And a symposium about moments from behind time and place (within the framework of the celebration of World Heritage Day (April 2022)).

• The Supreme Council of Culture

The Supreme Council for Culture Dr. Hisham Azmy organizes 25 a variety of events between seminars and intellectual and creative evenings through the people and cultural committees, where the Poetry Committee will hold the first two evenings entitled “A Night” Illuminated with poetry of prophetic and mystical praise, and the second titled A lyrical evening of poetry in love with Fouad Haddad. The Literary Studies Committee is holding a symposium dealing with the most important new critical and linguistic books within the series “Celebrating Arab and Egyptian Critics.” The Plastic Arts and Architecture Committee will hold an exhibition entitled “Islamatization”, and the History and Antiquities Committee will organize a symposium entitled “History and Antiquities and their Role in the Restoration of Sinai” and a symposium by the Committee Geography and the environment under the title of water security, and the media committee will hold three symposia: media and drama – media, advertisements and broadcasting standards – media, competition and the future of the entertainment industry. Cultural exchange A symposium entitled The Crescent Biography between Egypt and Tunisia and another entitled Tunisian and Egyptian folk and heritage clothes.

• The General Egyptian Book Organization The Egyptian General Book Organization headed by Dr. Haitham El-Hajj organizes from 2022 to 17 April Faisal Exhibition For books on the authority’s land in Talbieh, which includes a cultural and technical program with the participation of a number of sectors of the ministry and private publishing houses.

• The National Center for Translation

The National Center for Translation is organized by Dr. Karma Sami Arbaa Seminars are held on Wednesday afternoon every week, each of which discusses one of the Center’s special publications, which is Cairo in Modern Egyptian Literature, written and translated by Dina Heshmat, Cairo. Wabih, written by Neil Dr. McKenzie, translated by Othman Mustafa Othman, Global Dreams by Anouk de Kooning, translated by Osama Al-Ghazoly and Cairo is a Global City, by Diane Singerman and Paul Ammar, and translated by Jacob Abdel Rahman.

• Cultural Production Sector

The Cultural Production Sector, headed by director Khaled Galal, organizes its annual program “Hail you perish” and includes 35 a diverse artistic event that includes the celebration of the war of the tenth of Ramadan, a show Brides of the Great Night, vocalist Wael El-Fashni, Small Anamel Ensemble (Port Said), Tabla El-Sit Ensemble, segments of the National Circus, Reda Troupe for Folk Arts, Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Tohamy, Ratiba El-Hafni Foundation for Special Needs Ensemble, Youth Angham Ensemble, a poetic evening lyrical by the poet Muhammad Bahgat, Al-Haramlek Ensemble, Al-Hadra Ensemble, artist Fatima Muhammad Ali, a performance of the stars of the Anna Al-Masry competition with the band of the National Theater Center led by Maestro Tamer Ghoneim, a documentary exhibition on the occasion of Cairo, the capital of Islamic culture, in cooperation with the General Authority of the National Library and Documentation, in the exhibition hall of the Hanager Arts Center, The inauguration of a photography workshop entitled Mosques of Cairo.

• The Artistic House of Theatre

The Artistic House of Theatre, headed by the artist Ismail Mokhtar, presents 7 theatrical performances with a number of 35 A show night to be held in Cairo and Alexandria, where the National Theater witnesses a play in praise of love, and the Cairo Puppet Theater presents the play “The Big Night” within the program “Hilal Hilak” on the open theater in Al-Hanager, and the modern theater also presents the play “Hamlet” upside down on the Peace Theatre, and the Youth Theater presents the play “Afrah Al-Quba” About a novel by Naguib Mahfouz on the floating theater in Manial, and the Lycian Theater in Alexandria presents a play I Was Here Before, a product of the “Start Your Dream” workshop, written by J. B. Priestley at the Lycée Theatre, and the Sahina Ya Sina show will be held on the Al-Saha theater, and the Sun Troupe for people with special abilities presents winter dreams shows – an empty piggy bank and a single button at the International Garden Theatre, Hanager Theater and the Book Fair in Faisal, in addition to the Ramadan celebration from the Egypt Talents workshop at the Metropole Theatre. In addition to Al Shams Cinema, which shows films produced by the band and discussed in Hanager Square.

• The National Center for Theatre, Music and Folk Arts

The National Center for Theatre, Music and Folk Arts headed by director Yasser Sadiq He presents a set of artistic performances for the affiliated teams, including participating in a party on April 25 for the winners of the Ana Al-Masry competition, a ceremony to honor the artist Amal Ramzy, participating in the Book of Soor exhibition Al-Moez Street with the Cultural Palaces Authority, in addition to participating in many celebration events in Cairo, the capital of culture in the Islamic world.

• Artistic House of Folklore

Artistic House of Folk and Performing Arts headed by Artist Adel Abdo organizes 74 a performance by Reda Folklore Troupe, the National Folk Art Troupe, in Youth Rhythms, the National Circus, and participation in the activities of the Supreme Council for Culture and the National Center for Child Culture in the Cultural Park in Sayeda Zeinab through the theatrical performance Ramadan Jana for the singing performance group, participation in the activities of the Egyptian General Book Authority at the Faisal Exhibition, the activities of the General Authority for Culture Palaces and the activities of the Development Fund Sector The cultural center in Al-Ghouri Dome, in addition to the activities of Salah Jahin Hall, through the performances of the National Folk Music Ensemble and the Youth Angham Ensemble, and the presentation of the theatrical show “Cairo in a Thousand Years on the Balloon Theater.”

• National Center for Cinema

The National Center for Cinema, headed by scriptwriter Zainab Aziz 14, is organizing an event and a group of documentary film screenings and seminars during the period from

Even 20 April, including the celebration of Cairo, the capital of culture in the Islamic world 2022, which is held at the Tharwat Okasha Cultural Center in the Arts City in the pyramid, in addition to the screening of Cairo films, Architecture of the Soul and Mind directed by Loay Galal, Islamic antiquities on Al-Azhar directed by Ahmed Rashid, Oh God, I am Starring Hassan Fayek and Firdous Muhammad directed by Jamal Madkour, in Rehab Al Hussein directed by Hashem Al-Nahhas, Imam Muhammad Abdo directed by Medhat Qassem, Islamic Art in the Fatimid Era directed by Abdul Latif Omar, Al-Sayida Nafisa Mosque directed by Hussein Al-Tayeb and followed by seminars to discuss films.

• Cultural Development Fund

The Cultural Development Fund headed by Dr. Fathi Abdel Wahab 57 is organizing an event during the period from 6 to 27 Ramadan in its creative centers, where it presents in the Dome of Al-Ghouri the opening of the nights of spiritual shrines and the presentation of the rituals of transcendence, a night in the art of singing with the Tawasheh band and the artist Adnan Al-Sasa – and the Girls of Al-Hiwar band Al Tanoura Heritage Ensemble, Samaa Ensemble for Chanting, Indonesia Ensemble for Songs, Bangladesh Ensemble for Chants, Yemen Ensemble for Chants, Artist Ali Al Halbawi, National Ensemble belonging to the Artistic House of Folk Arts, Nazra Ensemble for Religious Chants, Artist Manal Mohi El Din, Darwish Darwish Ensemble, Noor Al Nabi Ensemble For religious chanting, and it will be held at Prince Taz Palace, performances by vocalist Amer Al-Tuni, Wael Al-Fashni, Radwa Saeed, a folk troupe affiliated with the General Authority for Cultural Palaces The Oud duo Dina and Ghassan, Al Noor and Al Amal orchestra, School of Religious Chant, Sahinna Ya Sina play, Bait Al Oud Orchestra, Sheikh Mahmoud Al Tohamy and his band, Prince Taz Palace children’s choir, and a concert for singer Angham Mustafa, Ibrahim Rashid, Maqamat Salon, in cooperation with The radio program, Youth of Arab Singing, Al-Khan Ensemble by the artist Fadi Al-Maghrabi, and the concert of Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Hadawi and his band will be held in Beit Al-Suhaimi, Al-Aragouz and Shadow Show, Nile Folk Music Ensemble, Al-Ghouri Palace for Arabic Music, Sheikh Zain Mahmoud and his band, Al-Haramlik band led by Dr. Marwa Abdel Moneim And it is held in the House of Arabic Poetry, poems of love, Al-Hilali, religious poems, Sufi poetry in Egypt. The General Assembly of Culture Palaces, Memory of the Nation Salon, artist Abdel Rahman Bilala’s concert, theatrical performance of the big night, poetry evening, children’s choir, Talaat Harb Cultural Center, a party for children and people with special needs that includes a show of aragos and shadow fiction, workshops, and the Child Creativity Center hosts “Beit” Al-Ainy”, a narration show entitled “Tales of Scheherazade”, a show of the Tanoura and Al-Masharati, and it will be held in the Egyptian House of Architecture, “The Great Night Show”, a photographic exhibition of Mawlids in Mahrousa Egypt, a celebration on the occasion of World Heritage Day. The Ayyubid state and its history, and the Alexandria Creativity Center presents the concerts of the artist Mariam Saleh, Wael El-Fashny, Amer El-Tuni, the “Dinytna Band for the Blind”, the Haramlek Troupe. The Egyptian General Authority for National Books and Documents, headed by Dr. Nevin Mohamed, organizes artistic and intellectual events and documentary exhibitions, including the Khedivial Mosques of Egypt in cooperation with the cultural production sector, Ramadan in Egyptian Documents in cooperation with the Academy of Arts, Cairo, the capital of Islamic culture in Al-Watha The Egyptian newspaper in cooperation with the Cultural Palaces Authority in the northern Cairo wall, the victories of the tenth of Ramadan in the Egyptian documents in cooperation with the Book Authority at the Faisal Book Fair, a cultural competition for children (every day a question) about Cairo.

• Cultural Relations Sector Foreign

The Foreign Cultural Relations Sector headed by Sabri Saeed organizes a variety of artistic and cultural activities, including participating in hosting Arab and Islamic Ramadan evenings in cooperation with the Egyptian Opera House for a group of international troupes, including Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine and Indonesia.

• The National Center for Child Culture

The National Center for Child Culture, headed by the writer Mohamed Abdel Hafez Nasef

, is organizing a diverse cultural and artistic event in the cultural park in Mrs. Zainab from 17 to 27 April, where a group of Ramadan hadiths will be held on the small theater for a distinguished elite of writers, media professionals and creators with young poets who won the Young Creator Award, and a number of theatrical performances, including Aragoz and Aragozta, the big night, the Arago show g, The Cairo Exhibition in the Eyes of the Children of the Islamic World, the Children of the Islamic World in the Rehab of Cairo, the K-Lon Troupe for the Black Theatre, the Great Theater also hosts the Cairo Exhibition in the Eyes of the Children of the Islamic World and the distribution of prizes, the Carnival of Aragoz brides, the operetta “Welcome Ramadan” And the National Circus performances, the play “Ramadan Jana”, a peace choir for the garden choir team, “Operetta Al-Obour”, artistic performances by the People of Determination team in the garden, and performances for the heritage Tanoura. People of Determination, in addition to several activities organized by the Central Administration of Cultural Affairs in the Public Authority for Culture Palaces, a distinguished program in the cultural park that includes performances by the Mohamed Ezzat band for the seminal biography, poetry evenings for a group of poets within the Poets’ Oasis program, a performance by the Rawd al-Faraj Troupe for people with special needs, and a free drawing workshop Beaded models, foam crafts (decorations and Ramadan lanterns) for people with special needs, engineering formation, leather workshop for people with special needs, broken glass moulwiya – cultural competition, environmental and heritage crafts exhibition (product The workshops of cultural associations), in addition to a number of book signing ceremonies in the presence of their authors, seminars to discuss them, an exhibition of the publications of the Child Culture Center, a presentation by the Bani Suef Performance Troupe for People with Special Needs and the Ezz El-Din Nasr El-Din Troupe for the Crescent Biography.

. Egypt Public Libraries

The Public Library of Egypt, headed by Ambassador Abdel Raouf El-Reedy 198, organizes an event through a variety of artistic and cultural activities in its libraries spread across the governorates of the Republic throughout the days of the month The Holy Ramadan includes artistic, creative and training workshops on computer skills, language teaching, literary competitions, and artistic performances for music and folklore groups.