A cooperation agreement between eTax and SAP International to reduce burdens on taxpayers

Eman Al-Wasly Cairo 05 March 2023

The technology company operating tax solutions eTax – the technological arm of the Egyptian Tax Authority, has signed a partnership agreement with the global technology giant SAP to provide powerful and fast-implemented solutions, allowing “eTax” customers to start using the SAP program in a short time, to contribute to facilitating the Tax financiers and help the business community.
2023 The agreement was signed by each of Eng. Khaled Abdel-Ghany, managing director of “eTax” company, and engineer Mohamed Sami, managing director of “SAP” Egypt, at eTax’s headquarters in the smart village
2023 Through this agreement, “e-Tax” company will be able to provide SAP licenses and software, with the addition of a set of other complementary services, in order to reduce the burdens of transformation customers digital By converting the client’s capital costs resulting from the purchase of licenses and servers into operating expenses paid annually or quarterly.

ETax is also developing a fast-to-implement, plug-and-play SAP implementation model targeting private clients to accelerate compliance with technical integration via ERP subscription or payroll
2023 The cooperation aims to develop the basic capabilities necessary for digital transformation in the Tax Authority, in a way that supports electronic invoice services, As well as the unification system for calculating the payroll tax, as well as developing solutions that help taxpayers integrate with the Egyptian Tax Authority systems.

On his part, Engineer Khaled Abdel-Ghany, Managing Director of “e-Tax” company, expressed his pride in the partnership with the global “SAP”, in addition to having “e-Tax” a group of SAP consultants who have the technical expertise to implement Systems and practical experience of tax operation to provide the Tax Authority with advice and guidance supported by the opinion of technical experts.
2023 added a NE Tax, since its inception, has been building a technology sector with SAP solutions to meet the needs of the Egyptian Tax Authority first and then also serve the business community.

and emphasized that SAP technologies will give the Egyptian market enormous advantages to develop the basic capabilities of the tax work system in Egypt, in a way that enhances the preservation of the resources of tax authorities and supports their revenues by increasing flow and transfer rates in an instantaneous manner. More accurate and reliable, in light of the application of the electronic invoice system as one of the steps of tax digital transformation within Egypt’s vision 2023. For his part, Engineer Mohamed Sami, Managing Director of SAP Egypt, said that the company is proud of expanding its business within the Egyptian market, in cooperation with “e-Tax” as a strong partner that enjoys the confidence of government agencies and the business community and has an appropriate financial solvency that enables it to

Preserving the current expertise and building the accumulated experience to help speed up the implementation and operation of projects, which supports the company’s plan to help spread and accelerate the digital transformation process and adopt the latest technology. International techniques and best practices.
2023 It is worth noting that the company “E Tax has recently completed holding the first General Assembly for its shareholders, after achieving a wide range of first-of-its-kind successes in tax digital transformation within the Egyptian market, as it was able to achieve profitability while providing the best added values ​​for companies and institutions in facilitating tax procedures, as well as supporting the Egyptian economy in Enhancing the speed and ease of implementing tax systems.