IDC announces the launch of the “ICT Indicators Forum 2022” on March 29

A. Hussain

The International Data Corporation (IDC – IDC) announced ) for its participation in the annual forum “Indicators of Communications and Information Technology” as a strategic partner and supporter of the forum organized by the Communications and Information Technology Commission, on Tuesday 29 in the city of King Abdullah Finance in Riyadh.

During this year’s strategic event, she will announce “IDC’s Trends.” for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2022.” In the presence of their Excellencies and a group of specialists in the communications and information technology sector from inside and outside the Kingdom, with the aim of reviewing the most important indicators of the communications and information technology sector in the Kingdom and discussing a range of topics related to digital regulation and the future trends of the sector. Including the leaders of a group of entities in the public sector, which work to empower the communications and information technology sector T in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to the presence of representatives of global and Saudi senior management of IDC.

The forum will bring together under its roof a variety of presentations, dialogue sessions and success stories, to enrich the forum attendees and give them an insight into the current state of the market.

The forum will also shed light on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s journey towards transformation into a digital economy, by highlighting the impact of government initiatives on enabling the digital transformation process across various sectors of the Saudi economy.
Hamza Naqshbandi, Vice President of IDC in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain said: “As Saudi Arabia explores the new reality that has taken shape after the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Corona, the impetus to reformulate and implement digital strategies will be a major priority for the authorities in the Kingdom.”

He added Naqshbandi: “Over the past seven years, the disclosure of IDC trends each year has been a major event awaited by ICT leaders at various levels, To know IDC’s viewpoint and our expectations regarding the state of the sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

It is mentioned that the forum ICT Indicators A set of facts, achievements and opportunities will be highlighted in its 2022 edition for the year. The main trends and transformations in cooperative digital regulation and its role in stimulating the digital economy will be discussed, as it is a pivotal element of Elements of the future industry in the Kingdom and the world at large.

The forum will present the best leading practices and future trends of the ICT sector Information that helps Saudi-based facilities unleash the power of emerging technologies at an exciting stage in the Kingdom’s development.