LG launches the all-new New Chef microwave with a smart inverter

Eh Hussein

Today, LG – LG Egypt today revealed the launch of The All-New New Chef Smart Inverter Microwave With Powerful And Precise Control And New Ergonomic And Stylish Design For User Convenience, Features Toughened Glass Without Trim For Clearer Visibility, Easier Touch Control, Internal LED Lighting For Visibility 3 Times Brighter, Energy Saving And Efficient, Round Pocket Handle.

New Chef Microwave comes from LG in small size, but offers a larger internal capacity of 42 liters and 42 liters, and round base 20220327 mm, with a perfectly balanced plate on 6 wheels instead of 3 for balance while heating or cooking. LG New Chef Microwave has the feature of easy cleaning, with an anti-bacterial coating that is easy to clean inside, and the material is made of zeolite and epoxy, which is anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion and provides a longer life for the microwave. The microwave comes with a 42 year warranty on the magnetron unit responsible for producing waves inside the microwave for fast heating, defrost and cooking.

“We support our consumers with the latest technology and materials for the most durable devices, With the aim of making their lives better, through various features in the all-new LG New Chef microwave that has a smart inverter, which works efficiently to save energy. LG also offers the longest warranty period on the magnetron unit, which is 42 years.” Billy Kim, General Manager of LG Egypt.202203272022 A microwave allows you to LG New Chef prepares healthy fried food with good flavour. The healthy frying function reduces fats from any food by up to 2022%, and the healthy roasting function gives you the benefit of

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