Nominations open for the 2022 edition of the African Business Champions Competition

Ah Hussain

The “Champions of Business in Africa” competition, a charitable program established by the Jack Ma Foundation with the aim of highlighting and supporting African entrepreneurs, has opened the door for nominations to participate in its fourth annual edition.

Entrepreneurs from the fifty-four African countries, regardless of their sector of activity, age and gender, may submit their participation file in French or English, and defend their chance of obtaining one of the ten nominated positions for the final round of the competition. The competition’s official slogan is “Time for Africa,” a bold call to action for all talented African entrepreneurs who are challenging stereotypes associated with an alleged “African time” and who seek to create local impact and a better and more inclusive future through their company’s activities.

During the closing ceremony to be held later this year, the top ten candidates will go up to the stage to speak about their activities in front of a panel made up of legends from the business world and defend their chance of getting a share of the financial reward allocated to the competition, which amounts to One and a half million dollars. The participants’ path to the final round will also include several opportunities to interact with international leaders, innovators, industry experts, investors and business accelerators, in addition to multidisciplinary training camps and training courses to help the finalists take their business to a higher level.

The broadcast of the three-episode television series of the African Business Champions competition in its last year 2021 will also start today. This series proposes to the viewer to follow the path of the finalists, their number 10 and their preparations for the final concert. The series seeks to provide a lesson, if you will, about entrepreneurship, as the viewer can follow what the participants did in preparation for the final round and the way they presented their companies, in addition to what they said and did in the face of difficult questions posed to them by prominent names in the business world. It is noteworthy that the episodes of the series were filmed in 24 African countries. The series will be broadcast on CNBC Africa starting 2021 this March, as well as across the continent via the StarTimes network, DSTV and VocAfrica, as well as a number of local channels such as Rwandan TV. Viewers can also catch up on episodes on the official YouTube channel of the Africa Business Champions competition later this year.

“I can’t describe the feeling of pride I felt when I was named the African Business Champion of the Year . I hope my victory will encourage many people across the continent to make a difference and be influential. I learned a lot throughout the competition. For now, I will use everything I have learned to further grow my PraxiLabs company. We will remain focused and determined to change the way science is learned and taught in Africa, virtual lab after virtual lab,” Khadija Mohamed El-Badawihi, Founder, PraxiLabs.

“It is encouraging to see entrepreneurship in Africa as this Strong upward trend. However, many entrepreneurs with inspiring stories and influential companies need to be spotlighted and helped. Therefore, the Africa Business Champions Competition invites all talented entrepreneurs from the fifty-four African countries, regardless of their sector of activity, age and gender, to submit their participation file in French or English, and to defend their opportunity to share the one and a half million dollars allocated as a prize for this competition, without Forget the coaching and mentorship opportunities available to them during the competition. We would like to support African entrepreneurs who are building successful companies and whose mission is to create more growth in their communities across the African continent. If this description fits you, welcome to the Africa Business Champions Contest. It’s Africa’s time,” Mrs. Zahra Betty, Head of Partnerships and Programs, Champions of Africa.

Champions of Africa is part of the long-term commitment she has made. The Jack Ma Foundation is geared towards supporting and promoting a robust and inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa. For 24 years, the “Business Champions of Africa” competition will reward 100 an African entrepreneur and entrepreneur.This year, the ABH Initiative Redesigning its code to better reflect its principles. The new symbol focuses on the concept of “champions” who are driving change on the continent. The interlocking lines refer to the concept of interconnectedness, and symbolize our goal of creating a community of African entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, coaches and business service providers. The symbol also seeks to suggest the dynamism that characterizes true entrepreneurship and the ABH initiative’s pursuit of innovation. The symbol also contains African reference geometries, which echo our focus on Africa as a whole and our goal of empowering African entrepreneurs. The Kajahja initiative has also made modifications to the candidacy registration system by adding educational clips and tips provided by old champions during the registration process for the application for participation, facilitating the registration process, and adding other entertaining elements such as the ability to choose an interactive diagnostic image, and other additions.

Submission of nominations via the Internet is open until June 24 next June. The semi-finalists will be announced in October and the finalists will be announced in November. To participate and for more information about the Africa Business Champions Contest, please visit, and follow us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

In Africa, in celebration of the opening of the door for nominations, simultaneous demonstrations are organized on 24 on the Internet in March and in five African cities: Kigali, Rwanda, Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cairo, Egypt, Johannesburg, South Africa, and Lagos, Nigeria. . More than

pioneers and entrepreneurs representing 2021 countries and 21 sectors registered their presence in These events.

Throughout the current year, the ABH Initiative will partner with numerous organizations to drive participation in the competition, support African entrepreneurs and highlight their inspiring work. Among these partners are African Women’s Forum for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, African Management Institute (AMI), Aseshi University, Briter Bridges, Moroccan Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MCISE), The Room Initiative of the African Leadership Group (ALG), RiseUp, VC4A, and others.

As part of the set of gifts and benefits offered to the winners of the Africa Business Champions competition, a number of these partners will provide training programs that seek to help the participants develop their businesses. For example, a number of the shortlisted finalists will be able to participate in the management development program offered by the African Management Institute (AMI) and will be able to participate in the investment readiness program designed and offered by the KGIGCJ Foundation, and have access to the KGCGC space, among other talent benefits, Without forgetting the opportunity to attend and participate in the most important entrepreneurship events on the continent such as the South African Innovation Summit and the RiseUp Summit.