The Jordan Insurance Federation continues to implement its training plan with great success

ماهر الحسين Maher Al-Hussein
2022 Iman Al-Wasili

The Jordan Insurance Federation, headed by Eng. Majed Smeirat, continues its successes’ march with scientific, studied and planned steps. Especially with regard to the training plan for the current year , which includes training programs and important themes, not only for workers in the Jordanian market, but for all Arab brothers from various Arab insurance markets, and that In light of the technical and technical capabilities that the Jordanian market enjoys at the highest level, in addition to the distinguished elite of experts in all fields and branches of insurance, who are attracted by the Jordan Insurance Federation to provide the juice of their experiences regarding developments related to the industry. In this context, the Jordanian Insurance Federation organizes its training program The fourth is entitled an advanced course in modern trends in risk management over a period of two days and for 2022 an hour of training

The Jordan Insurance Federation had concluded last Thursday its third training program on the effective application of corporate governance with a large Jordanian and Arab participation, where the program dealt with Many axes, the most important of which are how governance works as an integrated system within the company, familiarizing participants with the roles played by each party within the governance system, defining roles, and limits of responsibility, whether for the company’s board of directors, or the various departments of the company.

In his statements, Maher Al-Hussein, Executive Director of the Jordan Insurance Federation, said that this program covered his interlocutor, Dr. Omar Al-Daoud, general manager and co-founder of the Center for Law and Governance. He holds a doctorate in corporate governance from the College of Law from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. He has international experience in providing local, Arab and international advice on compliance and governance requirements for public shareholding companies, financial institutions and other facilities subject to regulatory authorities.

And the training plan for the current year Maher Al-Hussein said: This program is the third organized by the Jordan Insurance Federation since the beginning of the new year, in line with the union’s training plan, which this year includes about 02 A training program that covers the training needs of workers in the local and Arab insurance markets.