The head of industrial development meets with the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industry to develop the sector and discuss the demands of investors

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Eng. Mohamed Abdel Karim, Chairman of the Public Authority for Industrial Development, revealed that it is within the framework of the authority’s plan to enhance communication with investors and overcome all The obstacles they face, especially the members of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, decided to assign each person responsible for a technical department specialized in an industrial sector in the authority to hold a periodic meeting every month with representatives of the industrial chamber of that industry, in order to discuss and solve the problems of manufacturers on a regular basis in various industrial activities.

This came during a meeting held by Engineer Mohamed Abdel-Karim, Chairman of the Authority, with a number of members of the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industries, Cosmetics and Medical Supplies, headed by Dr. And provide immediate solutions to those challenges.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Riyad Armanious, the Chamber’s deputy, Dr. Muhammad Ghoneim, a member of the Chamber’s office, and Doaa Badr El-Din, the General Director of Pharmaceutical Industries in the Chamber, along with a number of members of the Chamber.

Eng. Mohamed Abdel-Karim reviewed the efforts of the The Authority has started developing the mechanism for granting licenses and the industrial registry, as it has recently activated the accreditation offices and opened the door for registration for more offices and houses of expertise to cover all governorates in coordination with the Engineers Syndicate and the Federation of Industries and Civil Protection. The Authority has also developed the entire inspection system where the technical inspection form has been unified, And it will be announced to the investors, as the inspector records the data of the establishment’s form instantly through a tablet device and sends it to the headquarters from within the factory, and other efforts that resulted in ending all late inspections in the authority over the years, which reached 8 thousand inspections that were completed during Three months only through the new system.

He also stressed the development of advanced methods to improve and speed up services, including, for example, recording and following up all processes for issuing licenses and records on audited databases, and they are followed up on an up-to-date basis through a dashboard, which Review it in front of the members of the Chamber in order to monitor the requests received by the Authority, the services provided and the time of their implementation, and it is updated in real time, to provide a clear vision for the decision-maker to measure performance rates Where the members of the Chamber expressed their admiration for the great development witnessed by the Authority in this regard.

Abdul Karim added during his presentation that the Authority is now working on developing the customer service system, where requests are answered Investor complaints around the clock through the hotline or the Authority’s official pages on social networking sites. Electronically as a start, including the annual follow-up services for licenses and others.

The Chairman of the Authority listened to a number of the Chamber’s members’ demands, including the problem of linking the validity of the industrial registry to the expiry date of the earliest notification of product registration by the Egyptian Medicines Authority, where he revealed The Chairman of the Authority has decided to rectify this matter in order to facilitate the sector’s investors, as coordination has already taken place with the Egyptian Medicines Authority to issue a statement that includes the following, that products subject to expired registrations that are being re-registered are allowed to be traded, as well as the Egyptian Medicines Authority’s request directed to the Authority not to link the validity period of the industrial registry At the end of registration.

For his part, Dr. Jamal Al-Laithi expressed his appreciation for the Authority’s steps towards positive communication with investors through what the Chairman of the Authority announced about holding a periodic meeting between the Authority’s leaders and members of the industrial chambers and the speed of response to the Chamber’s demands and the problems of the factories, calling for more facilities, especially since the pharmaceutical industry is one of the industries It is of a special nature and has dealings that differ from the rest of the sectors in the speed of completing procedures and registration, especially in emergency cases and urgent needs for medicine in light of the current circumstances, stressing the need for the Authority to intervene to solve investors’ problems even with other government agencies.