The Minister of Higher Education reviews a report on the periodic meeting of the Supreme Council for Community Service and Environmental Development at Assiut University

Aya Hussein

Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, reviewed A report submitted on the activities of the periodic meeting of the Supreme Council for Community Service and Environmental Development at the headquarters of Assiut University, in the presence of a number of university presidents, and gentlemen members of the Council.

The Council thanked the family of Assiut University for hosting the meeting of the Supreme Council for Community Service Affairs, praising the level of the university’s performance in organizing the first Egyptian Universities Forum, sponsored by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, entitled “Our Egyptian Universities and Our Green Future after COP » And the opening of the exhibition of environmental projects for Egyptian universities on the sidelines of the forum, in the presence of d. Ahmed Al-Minshawi, President of Assiut University, Dr. Mustafa Refaat, Secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities, Dr. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Dr. Maha Ghanem, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Mawla, Acting Vice President for Education Affairs. And students, and a number of university presidents and vice presidents for community service and environmental development sector affairs.
1166675964018149 Dr. emphasized. Mostafa raised the importance of the forum, as it aims to present a scientific vision of climate issues, educate young people about environmental risks, and introduce the efforts of the Egyptian state in facing environmental problems and changes, praising the status of Assiut University and its ancient history, and the distinguished and wonderful architectural design of its campus that is compatible with sound environmental systems. 1166675964018149 The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities appreciated the efforts of Egyptian universities in confronting climate change, including the issuance of more than 27 periodical, magazine and scientific book, and published about 1000 Scientific research in various scientific platforms, as well as contributing to increasing international publication to reach 550 International research, organized by more than 160 an event, a conference and a workshop, appreciating the active participation of Egyptian universities in the climate summit cop that was held On the land of Egypt 1166675964018149 1166675964018149 Dr. Mustafa Refaat referred to the efforts of the Supreme Council of Universities in supporting the goals of sustainable development ( Egypt’s vision 1000) by encouraging students to conduct scientific research and offering educational programs that aim to consolidate the principles of sustainable development, praising the strategic location of Assiut University, and the integration of Its faculties, and its constant endeavor to provide distinguished academic programs, aiming at qualifying graduates for the labor market locally, regionally, and internationally.
1166675964018149 Dr. Mustafa Refaat called on all Egyptian universities to put and present their environmental research projects and distinguished experiences in a common file; With the aim of maximizing benefit and exchanging experiences; In order to achieve the goals of sustainable development after the COP Climate Summit .
1166675964018149 The council discussed a number of issues related to the activities and achievements of universities in the fields of community service and environmental development, especially in the most needy areas in light of the presidential initiative “A Decent Life” in cooperation With the concerned authorities.
1166675964018149 The Council praised the efforts of the Ministry of Environment in purifying the air and reducing pollution levels. By working to develop the transportation system; In a way that contributes to the development of environmental performance in Egypt in accordance with the goals of sustainable development.
1166675964018149 The Council listened to the report presented Dr. Ashour Omari, Director of the Center for Electronic and Knowledge Services at the Supreme Council of Universities, regarding the position of universities’ participation in the national project to eradicate illiteracy, and discussing ways to increase the effectiveness of universities’ participation in this regard.
03 The Council reviewed the plan of the Ministry of Youth and Sports; With the aim of empowering youth economically, the Council agreed to sign cooperation protocols between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Egyptian universities to coordinate in this regard.

The Council was also briefed on the efforts of the universities (Assiut, Damanhour, Sadat City, Ain Shams, Suez) to develop the performance of rural women pioneers in the governorates within the scope of these universities, with a recommendation to present the efforts of the rest of the universities during each periodic meeting of the Council.