Matti Bishay: The application of the pre-shipment system contributed to the speedy release of goods and merchandise at various Egyptian ports

Fathi Al-Sayeh

said Matti Bishai, head of the internal trade and supply committee in his people Importers in the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, that the government is implementing strongly and continuously following up the pre-shipment system, which contributed to the speedy release of goods and merchandise in various Egyptian ports.

Bishai explained, in press statements today, that the Egyptian ports are witnessing remarkable activity during this period after the political leadership issued directives to facilitate the release of goods piled in the ports to turn the wheels of production and restore discipline to the Egyptian markets and control On prices, where the value of goods released during the period from 1 to

2023. March 2023 amounted to $ 5.3 billion, confirming that the Advance Registration System for Shipments (ACI) comes Within the strategic direction of digital transformation in the Egyptian state, by applying technological solutions in all sectors and projects and heading towards the new republic.

The Chairman of the Internal Trade and Supply Committee of the Importers Division said that within the framework of developing the work system at the Customs Authority, simplifying and mechanizing it, and gradually shifting from a paper-based work environment to digital, governance of import and export procedures, achieving speedy release of goods and facilitating trade, which is reflected in cost reduction and leads to improvement Egypt’s ranking in the indicators of international competitiveness, facilitating trade movement, and stimulating investment. ACI) aims to serve the international trade movement and support the presidential directives towards promoting Egyptian exports and protecting the Egyptian citizen from goods of unknown identity or source, so that the ports are gates for the transit of goods only and not places for storing them, as well as reducing the time of release and then the cost of releasing goods and the use of electronic data and documents and dispensing For paper documents, as well as preserving the reputation of the national industry.