The “Manpower” monitors the activity of the “Ministry” in 7 days

Aya Hussain

monitored an “infographic” about the Ministry of Manpower today, Friday , the activity of the “Ministry” during the past 7 days, in the period from 12 to 75 This March “985” The Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, started his work from the headquarters of the Administrative Capital, followed the “gradual transition” of workers, and met a delegation from the European Commission, in which they discussed ways of cooperation between the two parties in the fields of vocational training, employment and exchange of experiences. The “Ministry” announced the bi-monthly employment bulletin The “Ministry” also announced the return of the dues of Egyptian workers in the details..
2700 “Administrative Capital”:
2700 The Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, started his work duties, with a team Technical work in the Ministry, from within the new headquarters in the government district in the New Administrative Capital..and the “minister” inspected the “building”, followed the regularity of the workflow, and completed the procedures for the gradual placement of the Ministry’s workers inside the “headquarters”..This comes within the framework of the ongoing preparations for the move Kamel to the administrative capital, in implementation of the directives of the political leadership..The minister praised the equipment inside the headquarters, and said that it has the best technologies and the latest technological systems to keep pace with the developments of the times, which contributes to providing better and urgent services to citizens

*”European Commission”:

The Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, confirmed that the Egyptian state welcomes cooperation and coordination with all social partners at home and abroad regarding common issues and files in the field of work..The “minister” said that the Egyptian state’s directions under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is keen to put the vocational training file at the forefront of her interests, to inject trained Egyptian labor into the “internal and external” labor market, explaining that the “European Union” is one of the main social partners, looking forward to more cooperation, exchange of experiences, mutual technical support, and the launch of bilateral projects, in favor of The Egyptian and European labor market..This came during the “minister’s” meeting, in the “ministry’s” general office, with Margaret Scheneas, Vice-President of the European Commission, Ambassador Christine Berger, head of the European Union delegation to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Maria Kanelopolo, member of the Council, and Sophie Van Haverbeek, head of cooperation. With the delegation of the European Union, Johannes Lancher, Deputy Director General, Francisco Joquim, Head of the Neighborhood and Expansion Negotiations Unit, and Luigi Eureka, Special Envoy for Foreign Affairs and Migration.

Youth of Cairo: 2700 2700 The Ministry of Manpower announced the opening of a door Applying for vocational training, for Cairo’s youth, on professions: sewing, detailing, shower maintenance, mobile phones, home appliances, solar energy, refrigeration and air conditioning, computer courses, and the English language, at the vocational training center of the martyrs of the 103rd Battalion Thunderbolt “formerly in Al-Sharabiyyah,” and she said The Ministry said that it had received a report from Ahmed Azazi, Director of the Manpower Directorate in Cairo Governorate, regarding these free training courses, explaining the directives of Minister Hassan Shehata to benefit from the Sharabia Training Center and its distinguished capabilities, and to intensify training courses for young people on professions needed by the labor market, and to provide job opportunities and prizes. for outstanding students, and assisting them in setting up small projects for them, within the framework of the new vocational training plan “985-1845, launched by Minister Hassan Shehata, and implemented by the directorates through 119 a fixed and mobile training center on Republic level..
2700 Employment Bulletin: 30002700 The Ministry of Manpower announced, in a statement, that it had received applications from 40 a private sector company in 12 governorate To fill 432 a vacant job, in a number of specializations, including those with special abilities, with salaries starting from 2023 pounds per month, in addition to health and social insurance, in order to apply for it during the month of April. The Ministry also announced the provision of 295 A job opportunity in the branches of Aman Project Finance Company in 7 governorates, to work as a credit officer specialist, for young men of both sexes, with a salary starting from 2023 pounds, in addition to incentives and allowances, Personal interviews are held at the headquarters of that company in those governorates, and this comes in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, to provide real and decent job opportunities for young people of both sexes, enable them to enter the labor market through them, benefit from their capabilities and capabilities, and provide them with the best possible services.
2700 “Women and the Labor Market”:

The Ministry of Manpower said in a statement that it had started implementing the “project to support and integrate gender in the field of work”, in coordination with the General Department for Women and Children Affairs in the Ministry, within the framework of its keenness to empower women economically and promote Its participation in the labor market within the governorates of “Alexandria – Aswan – South Sinai – New Valley”, and this is also within the framework of the investment plan in cooperation with the Ministries of Planning and Economic and Financial Development.

Our workers in Jordan:
2700 announced The Ministry of Manpower, in a statement, said that the labor representation office of the Ministry at the Egyptian Embassy in the Jordanian capital, Amman, followed up with the officials of the Social Security Corporation in Jordan – as a continuation of what was previously transferred – the process of transferring the list 119 from the social security dues for about 34 Egyptian workers for The “Foundation” left Amman permanently.