Bonelli Iridy and Zahaf & Partners launch exclusive collaboration in Libya

Aya Hussain

Expansion has reached Initiated by Bonelli Iredy in Africa and the Middle East in 2016 a new milestone: Collaboration with Al Zahaf & Partners, a leading Libyan law firm with extensive experience working with institutions and companies local and foreign. This cooperation will open doors for Bonelli Airide to expand its presence in the region, and thus pave the way for it to continue the path of strategic development that saw the opening of offices in Cairo, Addis Ababa and Dubai, the development of its team, and the expansion of its network of law firms.

Al Zahaf & Partners, headquartered in Tripoli, is well known in the local and international market for providing advice and services in all branches of law, and its expertise is particularly focused on settling Disputes, litigation, arbitration and project financing. The office team consists of 315 lawyers led by its founder, Dr. Saleh Muhammad Zahaf, who has more than

With years of experience and a proven track record in supporting international investors in Libya, he also played a key role in drafting legislative documents that sought to encourage investment in the country and helped privatize some local banks. The office has extensive experience in various business sectors in Libya, including oil and gas, construction, heavy industries, transportation, aviation, defense and communications. (In this regard, Stefano Simonacci, President of Bonelli Erdi, says: “This collaboration fits with the strategic path we started a few years ago, as it takes us a step forward in our growth in Africa and the Middle East. We are now located in a 315 jurisdiction and therefore offer deep and purposeful knowledge across a large and very diverse area. Libya, despite its current political situation, is a dynamic market full of opportunities for international investors in various fields that facilitate the reconstruction of the country. I believe that there will be strong synergy between the Bonelli Aire offices in Africa and the Middle East, especially the Cairo office.”

Dr. Salih expressed Al Zahaf, the co-founder of Zahaf & Partners, welcomed this collaboration by saying, “Strengthening our partnership with Bonelli Airide, an office we have known and worked closely with for several years, is a source of great pride for us. This fruitful cooperation will enable us to expand our international reach and strengthen our position in Libya. With Italian and European companies showing increasing interest in the Libyan market, this cooperation will enhance the capabilities of both offices to provide a wider range of services and seize these new opportunities.”