19% constant and 22% decreasing; Two certificates of 3 years from Al-Ahly and Egypt

Stock Exchange

April 2, 2023

بنك مصر

Egypt Bank

Iman Al-Wasli and Fathi Al-Sayeh

The National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr announced the The issuance of two savings certificates for a period of three years, and they reflect the positive vision of the decline in interest rates during the coming period with the expected gradual decline in inflation rates with the stability of the markets in light of the international and local changes and the Central Bank of Egypt’s policy to target inflation.

first; A fixed certificate for a period of 3 years at a price of 19% annually, and the return is paid monthly

the second; Declining certificate for 3 years at an annual rate of 22% for the first year, 18% for the second year, and 16% for the third year, and the return is paid monthly

April 2 2023