The Seventh Medical Insurance Forum honors “MetLife Life Insurance”

هيثم طاهر
Iman Al-Wasili 2022

MetLife Life Insurance Company, headed by Haitham Taher, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, exerted great efforts that had an effective impact on the success of the work of the Seventh Regional Forum for Medical Insurance and its emergence in a manner appropriate to Egypt’s position as the incubating country for the forum, and for the Egyptian insurance market in particular, through its sponsorship of the forum, and in light of the experiences that MetLife Life Insurance possesses Successful with regard to dealing with the Corona pandemic or with regard to the field of medical insurance in general, in which the company has achieved advanced and rapid steps thanks to the use of digital technology and providing its services to its customers throughout Egypt through modern applications and various technological media.

On the other hand, Haitham Taher, with his economic and insurance experiences and global insights, contributed to managing one of the most important sessions of the forum on digital technology and its impact on health care, which opened the door to extensive discussions between participants and lecturers. At the beginning of his management of the session, Haitham Taher explained the importance of digital transformation and the importance of relying on it by insurance companies, which was confirmed and proven to us by the Corona pandemic, which came suddenly and turned the balance of thinking among most companies and institutions, and even governments.