Ericsson embraces 5G opportunities for third-party applications with new local package gateway

Ericsson launches its portal for local packages that open new horizons and opportunities for service providers Innovative terminal in hybrid and private network partitions, to support high data bandwidth, and use cases in which connection times are reduced. )

Ericsson Local Packet Gateway is an all-in-one device, Featuring equipment, container service technology (CaaS), software and lifecycle management, which make party apps easy to use and manage.
And the Enhanced service functionality and cloud-native user level enable 5G end-use cases, device occupies little footprint in one server Small footprint, with integrated lifecycle management, enables faster service time for new party use cases. )

And theEricsson’s Local Packet Gateway offers a dual-configuration level for 5G core users, and network segmentation to the end, to enable both mobile and enterprise broadband use cases, from the small user level in the core service provider network, to routing to local applications.*)
Examples of organizations use cases of ISPs Services, sports event applications, virtual reality games, and augmented reality for factory quality inspection.
Laurent Lebucher said, Orange Group Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President – Orange Innovation Networks: “At Orange, we continue to develop useful networks to adapt to needs and uses around the world. For the needs of enterprise customers, the first solution is to create a virtual private network on the public Orange network, and the second solution is to create a hybrid private network based on the equipment shared in the Orange network, and that is dedicated to the customer’s site for critical flows and data.”
“The 5G core network will help us with the standalone mode from Ericsson.” , which includes the local packages portal, to meet the needs of enterprise customers.”

And theMonica Zitzon, Head of Ericsson Package Solutions Core: “With the launch of Ericsson’s Local Package Portal, we have taken another step to support and empower service provider customers of dealing with the enterprise market, by offering a powerful, smaller user level that is easy to use at the end with integrated lifecycle management that makes it easy to scale.”
“Service providers want flexibility in deploying private 5G networks, network segmentation, and therefore They will need a user level (data level) that is fast and easy to install and manage on customer premises
(Ericsson’s new on-premises package gateway will be familiar from its management perspective, and will help reduce service time for new enterprise use cases with its integrated solutions and hardware, including built-in lifecycle management, and enhanced enterprise edges.