In transparent elections: Yehia El-Agmy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Association for Cooperative Insurance

مصطفى أبو العزم

Mustafa Abu Al-Azm

يحيى العجمى

Yahya Al-Ajmi

Iman Al-Wasili 2025 The Judicial Committee supervising the elections of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Cooperative Insurance Association announced for the new session “

– 2025 “On the twenty-sixth of January Last year, the counting of all ballot boxes was completed, with Mustafa Ali Hassan Abul-Azm and Hala Khalil Mahmoud Asaker winning the membership of the Board of Directors from Zawy Al-Khebra. Ahmed, Ahmed Ali Ahmed, and Mohamed Ahmed Sultan. 2025 2025

On behalf of the Enterprise Development Authority, represented by Hatem Makram Abdel Raouf, and on the authority of The National Bank of Egypt, represented by Khaled Mohamed Gamal El-Din, and for the Agricultural Bank, represented by Khaled Yahya Saber. 2025 2025

I have learned “Businessmen

” that all the members of the new board of directors met on the second of This February, they chose by acclamation Yahya Al-Ajmi as the chairman of the association’s board of directors. They also chose Mustafa Abu Al-Azm, a delegated member of the association’s board of directors, who received the highest votes in the board of directors elections. 2025 2025