AstraZeneca signs a Memorandum of Understanding to sponsor Africa ExCon ​​in the presence of the ambassadors of Britain and Sweden

Eh Hussain

AstraZeneca, a world leader in the production and manufacture of medicines, drugs and medical vaccines, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Egyptian Authority for Standardized Procurement and Medical Supply.

The agreement aims to sponsor the Africa ExCon ​​to enhance trade relations and exchange experiences in the field of business and investments in the healthcare sector.
And also the continuity of cooperation for the second year to train pharmacists to fully deal with the latest developments in health technology in the world. Which gives them the ability to play their role more effectively and more effectively in developing the medical treatment system in Egypt.
Signed The memorandum was Dr. Hatem Al-Wardani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AstraZeneca Egypt, and Dr. Omar Abdel Aziz, Director of the Technical Office of the Unified Procurement Authority, in the presence of Major General Dr. Bahaa El-Din Zeidan, President of the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement and Medical Supply.

In the presence of Belen Ingesu, President of AstraZeneca for the Middle East and Africa, Gareth Bailey, British Ambassador to Egypt, and Häkan Emsgaard, Swedish Ambassador to Egypt.
The memorandum of understanding comes within the framework of AstraZeneca’s strategy based on supporting, developing and developing the health sector in Egypt, by all available means and capabilities, whether through launching programs And training initiatives for doctors, or working to provide the necessary medicines, drugs, and medical vaccines in order to provide health and treatment care for the Egyptian patient.

Major General Doctor Bahaa El-Din Zeidan said: “The signing of the memorandum of understanding between God It comes as a continuation of the great efforts undertaken by the authority in order to open new horizons for cooperation among all partners to develop the health system in Egypt and Africa.”

He explained that the “Africa Health ExCon” conference comes in line with what the Egyptian government is doing in the health care file, especially in the presence and sponsorship of a global company such as AstraZeneca.

He pointed out that this annual forum aims to communicate with health care systems in African countries, to exchange experiences, to strengthen trade relations, and to support opportunities for foreign investment, which creates job opportunities and transfer specialized knowledge to the health sector. Health care in Egypt and Africa.
While Dr. Hatem Al-Wardani said: “The Memorandum of Understanding sheds light on the role of AstraZeneca.” Continuing to support the medical sector in Egypt through partnerships to develop the skills of pharmacists and doctors. We strive to provide the best medical treatments and vaccines to the Egyptian market, and support Egypt’s vision 2030 and its efforts in achieving sustainable development goals to enhance the country’s ability to confront epidemics and crises.

In turn, Belen Ingesuu said: “Our signature today reinforces our commitment to the Egyptian government and the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement and Medical Supply, and highlights our position as a major partner of the African Conference. Health ExCon ​​in June this year.. an event that we know will be a milestone for both us, as well as the African continent in general.”
“I look forward to seeing how our partnership will continue to grow in 2022, and I look forward to Africa Health ExCon ​​in June to learn from companies and other partners and provide solutions to drive innovation.” Health care across Africa and Egypt.”
For his part, the British ambassador said: “It is really encouraging to witness the signing of This agreement is today. The UK-Egypt partnership in the care and medical system is of great importance, especially in the current context as the world is battling COVID –

. The main drivers of this partnership are our wonderful British companies, such as AstraZeneca, who work to share knowledge, provide much-needed medical supplies, and explore new mutually beneficial opportunities.”

He added, “I am pleased that AstraZeneca will support the African Conference this year and will contribute to the important work carried out by the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement and Medical Supplies. Egypt has the potential to be a healthcare hub on the continent, and the UK stands ready to work with our Egyptian partners to help make that happen.” The Swedish ambassador said, “Egypt is a strategic partner for Sweden in the Middle East and Africa, thanks to the growth that Egypt has achieved over the past few years.”

He pointed out that Egypt was able to make itself a pivotal player in the region by building strong partnerships with various countries, in order to achieve the sustainable development goals, which are the same goals that Sweden seeks to achieve with many Countries.