ABB announces the launch of the “Energy Efficiency Movement” in Egypt

Aya Hussein

• ABB has a pioneering vision to develop the process of energy rationalization in Egypt, with attention to energy security and reducing carbon emissions.

• plays The industrial sector plays a vital role in achieving global climate goals, and ABB is well aware of the importance of adopting a multifaceted approach aimed at reducing emissions.

• These initiatives come within the framework of activating the role of the private sector to implement the country’s strategy to rationalize Energy

ABB, the global leader in technology and solutions for the energy and electrical industries, announced its latest initiative (the Energy Efficiency Movement) for the first time in Egypt, during a press conference held today at 10:00 am at the company’s headquarters. In Cairo.

The conference was attended by Eng. Sherif Ismail – Commercial Director of ABB Egypt and Central Africa and Vice President of the company in Egypt, and Eng. Ahmed Hassan – Head of the Movement Sector at ABB Egypt, North and Central Africa.

The launch of the (Energy Efficiency Movement) initiative in Egypt is a pivotal step towards limiting the global increase in the cost of energy, which will encourage public and private sector institutions in Egypt to participate in raising awareness and working on developing renewable energy sources and rationalization technology. Energy, to achieve the goals of development, which primarily support the achievement of social and economic stability.

The ABB global group has previously launched the (Energy Efficiency Movement) initiative in 2021 as one of its serious endeavors Which aims to unite stakeholders from all over the world and motivate them to innovate to create a more renewable and adaptive world with rational energy consumption. This, and the initiative calls on all segments of society, companies, and institutions to adopt serious steps towards promoting the use of renewable energy sources in value chains and reducing energy costs.

It is worth noting that the (energy efficiency movement) has witnessed great approval and enthusiasm from It was accepted by a number of international companies, as more than 13 leading companies around the world participated in it, including Microsoft, DHL, and Honeywell.

In light of the pressures we are witnessing today As a result of climate change and high-risk energy investments, the Energy Efficiency Movement initiative provides a platform for various sectors to discuss their achievements and challenges related to the environment, as well as rationalizing energy consumption by promoting economically viable renewable sources, highlighting scalable alternatives and reviewing best technological practices.

In this regard, Eng. Ahmed Hassan – Head of the Movement Sector at ABB Egypt, North and Central Africa, said: “By launching the (Energy Efficiency Movement) initiative, ABB was able to achieve a new important achievement added to its track record that seeks To create a greener and more sustainable future. Companies are aware of the threat that rising energy costs pose to their financial strength, so the initiative seeks to compensate for this by encouraging institutions and companies to invest in energy saving measures, while still trying to fully exploit renewable energy sources.”

The energy sector is an integral part of the economic structures of the Egyptian state. According to the Information and Decision Support Center affiliated to the Council of Ministers, the energy sector contributes about 13% of the GDP. Therefore, the Egyptian government has been developing an integrated and sustainable energy strategy until 2035 to ensure the safety and stability of energy supplies in light of the ever-changing global landscape. Hence, and given the importance of the participatory role of the private sector in activating the state’s strategy, the initiative (Energy Efficiency Movement) launched by ABB reflects the abundant capabilities that Egypt possesses for the transition to a sustainable energy future.

For his part, Eng. Sherif followed Ismail – Commercial Director of ABB Egypt and Central Africa and Vice President of the company in Egypt, said: “Given climate issues that are becoming more complex day by day, it has become necessary for us to take serious steps towards working to mitigate risks according to a comprehensive plan; It adopts energy-saving solutions that benefit the climate and institutions, so we launched the (energy efficiency movement) in Egypt to enable companies and societies to maximize the benefit of sustainable energy solutions, reduce energy consumption and costs, and thus reduce carbon emissions, respectively, and then achieve their environmental ambitions on the ground. “

It is worth noting that ABB has succeeded in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 13% starting from 2019, thanks to the company’s constant pursuit of energy efficiency and the development of its production practices to reach this achieved achievement.