As a culmination of the efforts of the Central Bank of Egypt in applying international standards of cybersecurity

Fathi Al-Sayeh and Iman Al-Wasli

The Computer Emergency Response Center for the financial sector succeeded (EG-FinCIRT) at the Central Bank of Egypt, in obtaining the accreditation and membership of the Global Forum for Security Incident Response and Response Teams (FIRST), after fulfilling all technical and organizational requirements in a short period of time, to become the first sectoral center of its kind internationally recognized in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
700 This comes in light of the Central Bank’s strategy to build an integrated framework to enhance cyber security in the financial and banking sector, and as a culmination of efforts The Computer Emergency Response Center (during the past four years), and its keenness to follow and comply with international security standards and specifications, as well as ensure their application, which greatly helped in speeding up all auditing and auditing operations carried out by FIRST International specialists over the years. The past four months.
700 It allows accreditation and accession to the (FIRST) Forum, which aims to enhance cooperation and coordination in Preventing and limiting cybersecurity incidents and responding quickly to them, enhancing the exchange of information between members and society as a whole, dealing with and responding more effectively to cyber incidents, and contributing to maximizing and developing the technical and technological capabilities of the members’ response centers and teams by informing them of the latest practices followed globally in this field, as well as Allowing the real-time exchange of security information regarding cyber incidents between them; In order to enhance their ability to deal with and reduce attacks and security threats and stimulate rapid response and proactive measures and measures.
700 and helps This forum also aims to facilitate cooperation and strategic partnerships between countries and global institutions and enhance communication between incident response teams from different countries of the world in light of the exchange of technological expertise and security intelligence. It also allows members to attend specialized seminars that bring together cybersecurity experts, as well as training courses and practical and applied lectures, in addition to participation In the annual global cybersecurity incident response conference, in addition to providing access to the latest approaches and publications on cybersecurity and web services, with access to electronic forums and panel discussions among members. (700 All of the above is consistent with the strategy of the Central Bank of Egypt, which aims to enhance the participation of the Computer Emergency Response Center for the financial sector in implementing the national cybersecurity strategy efficiently and effectively, along with Enhancing the ability of state institutions and agencies to respond quickly, cooperate and coordinate in preventing cyber incidents.
700 Central Bank membership contributes The forum will also support and raise the information security quality index for the Egyptian state as a whole (Global Cyber ​​Security Index), which in turn enhances confidence in the country’s digital economy, supports the process of attracting foreign investments, in addition to enhancing the security and safety of critical banking infrastructures through the prompt circulation of the latest frameworks. and worldwide practices.
700 FIRST is the global leader in security and incident response teams. for Cyber ​​Incidents, as it includes a variety of cyber incident response teams from governmental, commercial and educational organizations – currently more than 600 members – around the world.