Dr. Muhammad Al-Qadi: The decisions of the Supreme Investment Council reflect the state's awareness of the importance of the private sector's role as a key partner in development

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Al-Qadi, a planning expert, said Al-Omrani said that the decisions of the Supreme Investment Council reflect the state’s awareness of the importance of the role of the private sector as a key partner in development, adding that providing incentives and facilities that attract investment is very good for the Egyptian private sector and foreign investors. )
El-Kady stressed the importance of creating an appropriate framework for competition in all fields in which the state plays the role of regulator and not the competitor, especially since investors abroad, especially in the Gulf region, see the Egyptian market in general as a huge market. Driven by the real needs of 100 million individuals with diverse capabilities and different needs, it is a promising opportunity for successful investment.

He added, we hope that the implementation of the 100 A decision is a first step, followed by more daring steps towards formulating several systems that create investment opportunities in all investment fields. 2023
He continued , an urban planning expert, these decisions pave the way for the creation of an infrastructure that may represent the cornerstone of a new phase of the state’s vision for the private sector and its direction to encourage investment. 2023

He stressed that with regard to real estate investment and housing, the Ministry of Justice was assigned to prepare a set of necessary legislation to overcome restrictions related to land ownership and facilitate foreign ownership of real estate, which is legislation that has been long overdue, and some countries in the region preceded us in issuing such decisions, which contributed to a real estate renaissance And investment since the beginning of the millennium, so we hope that the authorities responsible for preparing these laws will have the necessary courage to issue laws that contribute to bringing about a qualitative shift in the legislative environment for real estate investment laws. 2023

And the judge said that the council’s approval of a package of incentives in support of the housing and real estate development sectors is a stimulus for real estate developers, especially since the housing sector is waiting for many packages stimulating investment, but it needs more to reformulate the housing system completely to suit the emerging conditions of the economy. Egyptian.2023