Jeddah hosts the “Discover the Smarter Future for the Manufacturing and Distribution Sectors” event

A. Hussain

The city of Jeddah is preparing to host the “Industry Day” activities organized by Infor on 23 May under the title: “Discovering the smarter future for my sector manufacturing and distribution”. At this event, Infor will share its ideas and experiences on the best methods that enable manufacturing and distribution companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enhance their digital transformation efforts and manage sustainable digital operations.

This topic is of particular importance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which It witnesses relentless government efforts to diversify the economy and develop its main sectors, including manufacturing and distribution, in line with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030. The National Industrial Development and Logistics Program aims to transform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a leading industrial power and a global logistics platform, including focusing on the two axes of local content and the fourth industrial revolution.

This event, which is held in partnership with the research company, aims and global technology consulting, IDC, to help provide manufacturing and distribution companies in Saudi Arabia with the expertise and knowledge they need to adopt successful and sustainable digital solutions. The latest IDC briefing study adapted by Infor showed that although 71% of companies operating in the manufacturing and distribution sectors in the Middle East and Africa tend to adopt a business approach that focuses on digital technologies, only 64% of these companies are still using spreadsheets and standalone applications to manage their supply chains.

In this context, said Kerry Kotsikos, General Manager and Vice President of Markets Startups in the Middle East and Africa region at Infor: Manufacturing and distribution companies in Saudi Arabia have great and important opportunities to achieve growth and prosperity, but this matter necessitates that these companies adopt the right strategy for digital services, and follow a careful transformation approach that attaches great importance to cloud ERP programs Able to achieve seamless and integrated automation, and achieve high levels of visibility and clarity for their operations. We at Infor look forward to welcoming companies in the Kingdom during the “Industry Day” activities, which will enable them to learn about the main and important steps to take advantage of the promising industrial opportunities that the Kingdom abounds in.

This event will witness a number of participations and keynote speeches Hamza Naqshbandi, Associate Vice President, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, IDC, will deliver a keynote that will focus on key trends and challenges in smart manufacturing and distribution. A number of speakers from Infor, such as Khaled Al-Shami, Vice President of Solutions Consulting, Phil Lewis, Senior Vice President of Solutions Consulting, Mohammed Al-Attiyah, Solutions Consultant, and Amir Adly, Senior Solutions Architect, will also participate, who will make a number of interventions and presentations that will cover various topics such as the main pillars of digital transformation. , the journey of moving business towards the modern cloud, and how companies operating in the manufacturing sector can use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and robots to create new value for business.

The event will also include a panel discussion to discuss a number of challenges such as capacity On balancing the benefits and risks of technology, improving and developing the skills of work teams, in addition to the appropriate work mechanisms to create an inclusive digital economy, while the sub-sessions will address the challenges facing companies operating in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Infor is considered The official partner for the digital transformation efforts of many companies operating in the manufacturing sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the Saudi Lime Industries Company “Saudi Lime”, the Saudi Diesel Equipment Company Limited, the Zahid Tractor and Heavy Equipment Company, and the Hafel Transport Company, in addition to a wide and growing group One of the authorized dealers for cars.

The Saudi Lime Industries Company – Saudi Lime, the leading manufacturer and supplier of limestone products in the Kingdom, recently selected the Infor Industrial Package (CloudSuite) powered by Amazon Web Services. In December, Al-Khalidi Holding Company selected Infor CloudSuite, powered by Amazon Web Services, as the pillar The digital backbone of automation processes and to gain visibility and enhance efficiency and flexibility to expand the company’s operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region and internationally.

In November 2022, Saudi Diesel Equipment Company Limited, The leading diesel power generation company based in Khobar, in migrating its existing Infor M3 platform and adopting the M3 for Equipment package, which enabled it to improve and automate business processes, especially those related to remote teams, which contributed to raising efficiency and enhancing capacity

Zahid Tractors, a subsidiary of the Zahid Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specializing in the supply of construction and commercial machinery, has also published the M3 for Equipment package with the aim of simplifying work mechanisms and gaining a broader vision Through the various divisions and departments of the company.