Professor of Politics and Public Administration, Dr. Shahjahan Pouyan, at the American University in Cairo

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Dr. Shah Jahan Pouyan, Associate Professor in the Department of Public Policy and Administration at the American University in Cairo and Associate Dean for Administration and Undergraduate Studies, recipient of the “Transformation and Developing Economies” award from the International Public Policy Association (IPPA). Pouyanne received the award for his contributions to the development of public policy and public administration in developing and transitional countries. The jury commended Pouyan’s research work, and according to its decision: “Dr. Shahjahan Pouyan is a distinguished researcher with significant contributions in the field of health policy, governance, and comparative public administration. He also plays a leadership role in his university and community, and is an exemplary example of promoting the development of developing countries through public administration education.”

Pouyanne expressed his happiness at receiving the award, saying: “I am honored to receive this award from the International Association for Public Policy, which is a prominent global network of public policy schools around the world.”

Pouyanne’s research focuses on how public administration works in developing and transitional countries. Specifically, he analyzes the role of governance in development, e-governance, public service delivery, public sector reform, decentralization and local governance, society and public policies, and his research contributes to an understanding of the challenges facing public administration in countries of the global south.

Pouyanne will formally receive the award at the Sixth International Conference on Public Policy in Toronto, Canada next month.

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