The Minister of Agriculture discusses with the President of the African Export-Import Bank joint cooperation in the field of supporting food security programs, confronting climate changes and building capacities

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Mr. El-Koseir, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, received this morning Mr. Benedict Orama, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the African Import and Export Bank (AFRICOM) in Luxor, and held a meeting with him in the presence of Counselor Mustafa Elham, Governor of Luxor, and Mr. Praveen Agrawal, Resident Representative of the World Food Program in Egypt.

During the meeting, the minister welcomed Mr. Orama’s visit to the Luxor Coordination Center for the dissemination of knowledge and innovation, where the Bank supported the World Food Program in order to prepare and prepare the center with the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture, to be a beacon for exchanging the experiences of African countries and Egypt in the areas of addressing climate changes, supporting small farmers, women and youth, financial inclusion, digitization, training and building Capabilities. It affected emerging economies, such as climate changes and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and that cooperation between the countries of the African continent is necessary to overcome these crises and raise the level of food security, which Egypt has succeeded in, and that it is possible to benefit from these successful experiences and transfer them to African countries, and he indicated that the Luxor Coordination Center has already received a number A large group of trainees from fifteen African countries.

The Minister of Agriculture presented his experience Egypt in the field of financial inclusion, support for small farmers, development of value chains, raising the efficiency of water use, interest in women’s empowerment projects, and raising awareness through training courses and field schools. He also referred to providing support to all brotherly African countries in the field of training and capacity building.
“Al-Qusayr” called on the management of the African Bank to increase support for food security programs, rural innovation, empowerment of women and youth, and financial inclusion programs And low-interest lending, as he indicated that Egypt, through the Egyptian Agricultural Bank, provides a portfolio that reached 20 one billion pounds for lending. For agricultural projects, with an interest of no more than five percent, as there are directives for the Egyptian government to overcome all procedures to facilitate farmers
2023 For his part, “Awarama” expressed his happiness at visiting Egypt and meeting the Minister of Agriculture, and said that it is capable of moving the African continent forward in the areas of food security and food production, as he indicated that the African continent is rich in its natural resources, including arable land, irrigation water and hands In spite of this, the countries of the continent import their food, and this gap can be reduced through cooperation and the transfer of expertise.
2023 He indicated that the Bank will double its support for the World Food Program in order to support small farmers, women and youth. And that the bank is looking forward to more cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture in various fields
After the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture and Mr. Benedict Orama And the Governor of Luxor visited the Luxor Coordination Center for the dissemination of knowledge and innovation.

to inform the guest about The efforts that are being made to spread awareness and financial education. The minister and the guest listened to the opinions of the participants in the programs, including women, youth and children. They also watched a number of training courses held at the center on financial inclusion and entrepreneurship, and teaching children how to save through entertainment programmes. And they listened to some success stories from women and youth.

At the end of the tour, Mr. The President of the Bank admired the role played by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Center in cooperation with the World Food Program and directed that support be multiplied for this activity and expressed his desire to expand the scope of support to increase and support African countries

The meeting was attended by Dr. Ali Hazeen, Head of the Comprehensive Development Authority at the Ministry and Supervisor of the Luxor Coordination Center Administration.