Harvest.. “manpower” in a week.

Aya Hussein

Job opportunities .. Cooperation with “Youth and Sports” in “Vocational Training”

Return of dues of Egyptian workers in Jordan .. and a media campaign To raise awareness of the dangers of illegal immigration..

*A meeting at the “Administrative Capital” headquarters..and a workshop to enhance the role of “labor inspectors” in inspecting establishments and applying laws.

“A decent life”… a continuous activity of labor representation offices abroad and “directorates” in the governorates to provide services to citizens in a dignified and decent manner.

This week, the Ministry of Manpower continued its pivotal role in providing all services to citizens in a decent and dignified manner. Within the framework of the Egyptian state system, and the culture of its political leadership regarding exerting maximum efforts for the benefit of the homeland and the citizen..In “Infographic” the harvest of the “Ministry” this week was monitored by a group of activities and services, which come in addition to the fixed role and activities of the Ministry and its directorates spread in all governorates, And its affiliated labor representation offices abroad, which play a daily service and awareness role on rights and duties, promote labor relations in a balanced and dignified manner, and train young people free of charge in professions needed by the labor market through fixed and mobile training centers spread in the areas of the presidential initiative “a decent life” .. and according to the “infographic” The Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, concluded this week by holding a meeting in the “Administrative Capital,” with undersecretaries of ministers and general managers..and a cooperation protocol was signed with the Minister of Youth and Sports, witnessed by the Prime Minister, in the field of vocational training and the ministry announced Also about the ongoing preparations to launch a media campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of illegal immigration, and to present alternative policies offered by the state for training and employment.. It also announced the opening of the second training workshop for 15 inspectors Work in 8 governorates, to enhance their role in the inspection of establishments..During the week also, the Ministry announced the bi-monthly employment bulletin, which provides job opportunities for young people of both sexes within the private sector establishments in the governorates..New dues for Egyptian workers in Jordan returned…to the details..

*In the “Governmental Neighborhood”:

The Minister of Manpower concluded this week by holding a meeting inside the Ministry’s headquarters in the Governmental Neighborhood in the Administrative Capital, with a number of deputy ministers, general managers, And employees of the Ministry, to handle some files, and to follow up on the final procedures for housing workers inside the “new headquarters”, within the framework of the process of gradual transfer of all workers from the Ministry’s headquarters in Nasr City to its new headquarters in the Administrative Capital, in implementation of the directives of the political leadership to quickly “completely move” to the “capital”. .. The minister praised the equipment inside the headquarters, and said that it enjoys the best technologies and the latest technological systems to keep pace with the developments of the times, which contributes to providing services to citizens in a better and urgent way … and the “minister” listened to a detailed explanation from Manal Abdel Aziz, head of the central administration for the affairs of the minister’s office, head of the committee The competent authority regarding the follow-up of the transfer procedures to the capital, the status of the employees’ offices, the heads of the central departments, the meeting rooms, the entrance for the workers that operates with smart cards, and is connected electronically to the human resources and accounts departments, and the extent of the Ministry’s readiness for that, as well as the operation of computers, directing the importance of continuing In training workers and qualifying them to complete the digital transformation process for all the ministry’s work and the services provided electronically to citizens..and the “manpower” camera captured pictures of a number of workers while carrying out their work from inside their is worth noting that the ministry building in the government district of the Administrative Capital consists of 7 floors that include 271 Office.

*With “Youth and Sports”:

..As witnessed by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, The signing ceremony of a cooperation protocol between the Ministries of Manpower and Youth and Sports, regarding cooperation in the field of training, employment and developing the skills of Egyptian youth.. The cooperation protocol was signed by Mr. Hassan Shehata, Minister of Manpower, and Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports..According to the statement of the “Council Ministers, “The protocol aims to provide the best services to Egyptian youth through the preparation of joint employment forums on the field and electronically, to provide decent work for young people and work to train young people in various trades and professions, and to inform them of modern ideas in the field of entrepreneurship, which contributes to encouraging the culture of self-employment and providing more Employment opportunities, with an emphasis on the importance of vocational and transformational training in supporting the national economy and reducing unemployment, and promoting the dissemination of a culture of occupational safety and health and developing skills in its various fields, through holding workshops and training programs based on benefiting from the experiences of both parties in this field, As well as benefiting from the energies, innovations and creativity of young people in spreading the culture of work and occupational safety and health through various artistic works that can be implemented through young people. As well as providing job opportunities and setting up employment forums and job guidance and counseling programs that serve all segments of society, especially the most vulnerable groups, as well as providing mobile training units to train young people within youth centers with training in professions needed by the labor market, as well as coordination with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in finding Sponsors of the programs, activities and forums that are implemented, as well as providing information and data related to the areas of cooperation, participating in holding conferences, seminars and workshops in the fields of cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in addition to following up the appointed youth through employment forums implemented according to this protocol for a period of six months and providing the Ministry of Youth with And sports, with the results of follow-up every three months..While the protocol stipulates that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is committed to providing accommodations for employment forums and training courses within the youth and sports bodies affiliated to the ministry, and to provide accredited trainers and its affiliated directorates to provide joint training in various fields of cooperation, as well as encouraging young people looking for Work and urge him to raise his professional skills and join vocational training programs, while conducting the necessary publicity among young people for courses, seminars, training programs and activities that are implemented in accordance with this protocol.

Job opportunities

.. During the week, the Ministry of Manpower announced that it had received applications from 65 a private sector company in 15 governorate for 65 jobs. A vacant job, in a number of specializations, including those with special abilities, with salaries starting from 2700 pounds per month, in addition to health and social insurance, in order to apply for it during the months of May and June 2023..Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, instructed all directorates to follow this period until they receive it from those who wish to work, and to draw up contracts with the employer, and to include clauses that protect the rights of both parties to the work, “the worker and the employer.” And it was stated in a press release that the bulletin The periodic employment issued by the “Ministry” every 15 day, through the General Department of Employment headed by Heba Ahmed, Director General of Employment at the Ministry, and prepared by Mona Shawky, a senior researcher in the Department, announcing This week, new job opportunities are available in 15 governorates: Cairo, Giza, Port Said, Assiut, Alexandria, Gharbia, Menoufia, Fayoum, Suez, and Qalyubia. Sharkia, Damietta, Dakahlia, Minya, New Valley, and Red Sea in the following specializations: mechanical, production, and electrical engineers, accountants, sales representatives, quality supervisors, occupational safety and health specialists, restaurant manager, assistant manager, production workers, pharmacist, chemist, and pharmacist assistant , secretaries, security personnel in distinguished locations, call centers, credit officials, teachers, kindergarten supervisors, all hotel specialties, tailoring and sewing professions, technicians, drivers, cleaners, and other specialties..According to the statement, the bulletin included a group of jobs for people of determination in the governorates, This is to meet the 5% of the total workers in this category, with remunerative salaries, within the framework of implementing the Ministry’s plan to care, train and employ people with disabilities during the current period, and to oblige establishments to employ 5% of their total workers with disabilities. Private courses in accordance with Law No. 15 of the year 2018 .. Details and addresses of this opportunity are available on the official website of the Ministry and its page at “Facebook”, and the Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, had instructed all manpower directorates in the governorates to intensify follow-up after announcing these jobs and sending a report to the ministry stating that the job seeker had received the appropriate opportunity for him, and to investigate credibility in publishing job opportunities..The ministry is through the central administration. Employment and manpower directorates in the governorates receive applications from job seekers, nominate them for one of these announced jobs, and send them to companies advertising these “opportunities,” in addition to organizing employment forums in the governorates and following up on the opportunities they offer.

Immigration is not Legitimacy:

The Ministry of Manpower also announced the ongoing preparations to launch a media campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of illegal immigration, present alternative policies offered by the state for training and employment, and raise awareness among current workers in Egypt and those looking for work. Concerning national and international legislation and measures taken to protect them, as well as ways to search for decent and safe work, ensuring access to job opportunities at home and abroad in accordance with fair international standards for employment and workers’ rights, as well as changing the mental image of young people in the direction of self-employment and small projects, and raising awareness of opinion The General Assembly on the Right to Fair Employment and Decent Work Opportunities..This came during a meeting held at the headquarters of the Ministry’s Central Department of Foreign Relations, in the presence of representatives of the National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Immigration, the Spanish Agency for International Development, and the “axeer” company..a statement said that the directives of the Minister The forces, Hassan Shehata, quickly launched this media campaign and focused on urging young people to engage in self-employment, establish small projects, and benefit from the ministry’s plans for free vocational training to qualify young people for professions needed by the internal and external labor market. The statement indicated that the upcoming campaign targets workers as well as those wishing to Join the labor market in Egypt and abroad to introduce their rights and duties by introducing them to the basic principles and rights at work and international and national legislation as well as ways to search for jobs abroad, and ensure access to them in an appropriate and ethical manner to ensure the legality of residence and employment in other countries, explaining that the “media plan” comes Within the framework of the project to strengthen migration governance with the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development and the National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Migration, this “project” aims to strengthen the capacity of Egyptian institutions, and exchange knowledge and experience for an appropriate management of migration..According to the statement, the campaign is summarized Media in the production, design and implementation of digital content that serves the objectives of the campaign and publish it on websites and relevant social media platforms “Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, broadcast channels, WhatsApp, Google Display Network”, and the digital content includes: short videos, animations, graphics and GIFs And web banners, as well as producing audio clips in Arabic with an average of 30-60 seconds for distribution through radio ads and WhatsApp campaigns, organizing awareness days through mobile vehicles of the Ministry of Manpower in villages, and also producing awareness materials such as posters and flyers for events and brochures to disseminate key messages To raise awareness of labor rights and fair recruitment, monitor and analyze coverage through comprehensive narrative reports containing KPIs and adjust implementation plan accordingly. .. The ministry said that, in coordination with the International Labor Organization office in Cairo, the second training workshop was opened for 15 labor inspectors in 8 governorates, to enhance their role in inspecting labor Establishments and the application of relevant laws … According to a press release, the “Ministry”, in cooperation with the International Labor Organization, aims to implement 4 training workshops that include training new inspectors, on the computerization system and related laws to facilitate their work, to improve their performance and develop their skills, and to find mechanisms that support and facilitate their work. With the tasks assigned to them, especially in electronic support, in line with the policies of “digital transformation”, and in application of the principles of corporate governance, as the current workshop is training labor inspectors from the governorates: Cairo, Giza, Fayoum, Gharbia, Sharqia, Damietta, and Buhaira, And Aswan.

Our workers in Jordan:

The “manpower” statement stated that the Labor Representation Office of the Ministry at the Egyptian Embassy in the Jordanian capital, Amman, followed up with the officials of the Insurance Corporation. Social Security in Jordan – as a continuation of what was previously transferred – the process of transferring the 65 list of social security dues to about 125 Egyptian workers with the “Institution” who left Amman permanently. The statement said that Hassan Shehata, Minister of Manpower, received a report from the labor attache at the Labor Representative Office in Jordan, Osama Ibrahim Muhammad, in which he announced and by names all the information on this “entitlement”, calling on all citizens who have dues with the Social Security Corporation, to review the names on The website of the Ministry of Manpower, as well as published on the “Facebook” page of the Egyptian Embassy in Jordan, in order to inquire about the names, and in the event that the name is present, the beneficiary must quickly go to the nearest branch of Bank of Cairo to pay the dues immediately. The labor attache added that according to the procedures of the public institution For Social Security in Jordan, the unspent amounts will be recovered after 50 days have passed from the date of announcing the transfer of dues, indicating that coordination and preparations are constantly being made to send the rest of the payments to the beneficiaries successively, as soon as they are audited. From the concerned authorities in order to preserve the rights of citizens who are entitled to these payments, and the new list includes the names published on the official page of the Ministry ..