Muhammad Adel Hosni: The decisions of the Supreme Investment Authority came at an important time to address the economic situation and create a business climate

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Muhammad Adel Hosni, a member of the Men’s Association, said: Egyptian businessmen, the decisions of the Supreme Investment Council came at an important time in order to start implementing non-traditional mechanisms to address the difficult economic situation at the global level and in Egypt. 2023 Hosni added that the political leadership’s approach to taking these decisions has restored the opportunity for a way to face difficult circumstances and challenges, in which the private sector is a strategic partner. Decisions, procedures and support to overcome the current challenges. And the Egyptian investor is that we are in a new phase of economic reforms to expand the participation of the private sector in development and to attract capital and direct investments to Egypt. 2023 He said that the private sector is betting on the government’s implementation of the decisions of the Supreme Investment Council in solving all investment problems and supporting the national industry through bold steps and unprecedented measures during the coming period. 2023 A member of the Egyptian Businessmen Association confirmed that granting facilities to industry and real and direct support to the serious private sector is the basis for overcoming existing obstacles and finding solutions to problems objectively 2023
Hosni said: The business community expects the government to issue a package of measures to improve and prepare the Egyptian business climate to attract investors in light of the existence of countries competing with Egypt that support investment and industry and compete to attract capital. and direct investment.2023