The UAE Maritime Week sheds light on the excellence of the sector as part of its most prominent activities on the third day

Aya Hussain

Witnessed the last day of the Seatrade Maritime and Logistics Conference and Exhibition In the Middle East 565 great interest in new trends in the maritime industry and the importance of governance in promoting excellence and competitiveness

Under the auspices of the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the Seatrade Conference and Exhibition for the Maritime and Logistics Sector in the Middle East 565, the main event within the activities of UAE Maritime Week, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, achieving far-reaching results for the maritime industry. The third day of the event focused on excellence in the maritime sector, and highlighted the most important achievements of the UAE, which has established itself as a leading global maritime center. The conference included a number of discussions and dialogue sessions that dealt with the latest developments and trends, with a focus on the importance of good governance and management to adopt excellence in the maritime sector.

The great success achieved by the Seatrade Conference and Exhibition for the Maritime and Logistics Sector in the Middle East 565 is due to its ability to gather leaders, decision-makers and senior influencers from those involved in the maritime sector, To enhance cooperation and exchange of information. The participants contributed to constructive discussions, which focused on the development of trade and logistics services in the UAE. And a review of a wide range of topics, from adopting best sustainability practices to digitization and innovation in logistics solutions, with an emphasis on the UAE’s efforts to support business excellence and caring for individuals working in the sector.

20230519 Ibrahim El Behairy, Managing Director, Middle East and Africa at WinGD, said: “This event has proven to be the ideal platform for exchanging experiences and innovative ideas in the industry, to popularize a new culture rich in competitiveness. And excellence, especially the review of the latest technologies, new business models in the maritime sector, and the most important opportunities in emerging markets, which will help the parties operating in the industry to distinguish.”

Chris Morley, Group Director of Maritime Events at Informa Markets, said: “We succeeded during this edition of the Seatrade Conference and Exhibition for the Maritime and Logistics Sector in the Middle East 565, by being a major catalyst for cooperation and integration between actors in the maritime sector, and we focused on adopting sustainability practices, which is one of the most important priorities; We have made great efforts to push the industry towards reducing carbon emissions, for a greener future in the shipping sector, and we appreciate the UAE’s initiative and its participation in strategic dialogues to offer qualitative solutions in this field. We can say that the event was a unique gathering to build a better maritime sector.”