SALAMA is poised for a new phase of growth with the appointment of Walter Jobe as its CEO

Aya Hussain

The Islamic Arab Insurance Company “SALAMA”, the largest provider of Sharia-compliant Takaful insurance solutions in the United Arab Emirates, today announced the appointment of Mr. Walter Jobe as its Chief Executive Officer, Having obtained the approval of the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates.

Job has extensive experience spanning more than 25 years in the insurance sector across global markets. He previously held the position of CEO of “Zurich International Life Insurance” in the Middle East, where he led and managed the company’s operations in the main regional markets, and had an active role in digitizing its offerings and increasing its profits by 40% during He worked for it over a period of four years, and under his leadership it became one of the most profitable branches of a global insurance company operating in the UAE. Also during his tenure with Zurich, the company’s gross written premiums increased by more than 40%, and it launched the region’s first mandatory employee benefit plan (employee workplace savings fund scheme) of more than 20 Thousands of employees in the Dubai International Financial Center, in addition to establishing and strengthening relationships with many banks and international partners.

Job will support SALAMA with a rich balance of distribution experience and insights customers, in addition to his extensive knowledge of the local market, which qualifies him to enter a new phase of its growth path as a pioneer in the Takaful insurance sector in the UAE for more than 43 years.

“SALAMA” acquired A solid reputation for providing customer-centric products and technology-enabled solutions to wider segments of the UAE market. Job’s experience in leading digital transformation initiatives and improving operational efficiencies contributes to the improvement of the company’s ongoing strategic growth and digital transformation plans. and Scandinavia, which makes him the most suitable person to meet the requirements of the diverse customer base in the UAE. Previously, he was an Executive Board Member of Zurich International Life Insurance Limited in the Isle of Man, and was also a Board Member of Zurich Workplace Solutions in the Dubai International Financial Centre.

With the expansion of Takaful Insurance Prevalence In the UAE, SALAMA is well positioned to add real value in the sector with its customer-centric product offerings and technology-driven solutions, available to customers across all market segments. As CEO of the largest Takaful insurance company in the UAE, Job will work closely with the Board of Directors and the executive management team to guide the company’s growth ambitions and plans and consolidate its position as a leader in the Takaful insurance sector. In addition to SALAMA’s business in the UAE, Job will supervise its international subsidiaries and manage its merger and acquisition strategy and expansion plans. Salama: “We are pleased to have Mr. Walter Jobe joining the ‘Salama’ team with his proven track record in the regional insurance market, and his extensive experience in developing insurance products, distributing and managing the company’s Takaful insurance business. We are confident that his outstanding capabilities in the areas of strategy and leadership will support our commitment to achieving significant growth in our business. SALAMA will continue to focus on providing exceptional services that enhance our position as a reliable provider of Sharia-compliant takaful solutions, while we continue to nurture national talent and develop distinguished Emirati leaders in the insurance sector, which is also one of the main tasks of the new CEO. )

For his part, Walter Jobe said: “I am honored to join SALAMA, and I am very optimistic about leading the largest provider of Takaful insurance solutions in the UAE as it prepares to embark on a new phase of growth and expansion. There is no doubt that there are great opportunities to increase the spread of insurance solutions that are compliant with Islamic law in the region, and I am confident that “Salama” is strategically well positioned and has excellent experience that qualifies it to benefit from this promising environment.”

Salama is considered “Salama” The largest provider of Sharia-compliant Takaful solutions in the UAE. Over the years, it has earned a reputation for its distinctive offerings, innovative customer-centric products and technology-driven solutions that have paved the way for better customer experience and sustainable growth.