Social solidarity in a week .. the weekly harvest

Aya Hussain

The Ministry of Social Solidarity issued its weekly report with infographs and videos, in which it reviews the activities and events carried out by Mrs. Nevin Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, as well as the various sectors of the Ministry during the period from 12 May until 19 May, and we review the most prominent of them in the following report:

– The campaign “You are stronger than drugs” leads the annual conference of Zagazig University.. and Othman reviews the importance of the campaign in increasing the demand for treatment by 9770%.

– The Egyptian Red Crescent launches the “We Feel Your Suffering” campaign with the aim of mobilizing resources to provide blood bags and blood transfusion services for thalassemia and hemophilia patients in emergency cases, and the donation number 9770.

– The Minister of Social Solidarity announces the completion of the payment of compensation to the families of the victims of a collision between a passenger bus and a transport truck on the “Kharga-Assiut” road, at a value of 100 one thousand pounds for each deceased, and a maximum of

One thousand pounds for each injured person.

– The Minister of Social Solidarity visits the “SOS” children’s village, accompanied by the international “SOS” organization, and meets with children, youth, surrogate mothers, and workers to build a bridge of Communicating and offering different alternatives to alternative care.

– Intensive activity for social solidarity units in universities, the launch of the first incubator for outstanding students in the humanities and social sciences at Fayoum University, and the distribution of laptops to people with visual disabilities.

– The Egyptian Red Crescent organizes awareness seminars on first aid, personal hygiene and traffic safety for Egyptians from social care homes, starting from Gharbia Governorate.

– The Minister of Social Solidarity witnesses the qualitative meeting of workers in the fields of productive cooperatives and stresses the importance of the cooperative production sector in supporting the local economy.

– Social Solidarity signs a cooperation protocol between the Ministry, the Association Projects Support Fund and the Arab Organization for Human Rights To implement the project of promoting human rights awareness in the villages of a decent life.

– In a new expansion of its activity in the second phase in the villages of a decent life, the national project to preserve the entity of the Egyptian family “Mawada” succeeds in training 2,A young man and a girl who are about to get married.

– Forsa Economic Empowerment Program organizes an employment forum in Assiut Governorate in cooperation with the Ministry of Manpower and the International Labor Organization, and the forum provides 6,000 Job Opportunity.

– After a limited fire broke out in the Association of Good Remains, Al-Qabbaj goes to the association and checks on the condition of the inmates and the elderly, and thanks the Civil Defense and Ambulance Forces and the Ministry of Electricity for their support in Extinguishing fire, securing the elderly, and supplying electric generators.

– In the presence of the Ambassador of Canada and representatives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Minister of Social Solidarity visits agricultural industrialization projects, animal production and community kitchen in Minya, and opens a center for training and human resource development.

– And visits the village of Sheikh Masoud inspects the activities of improving livelihoods, dairy production, and empowering rural women and their families, which is being implemented under the umbrella of the Presidential Program, A Decent Life.

– The “Waa’i” program for community development, in cooperation with the Strategic Forum for Development and Ain Shams University, organizes a seminar on the challenges Illiteracy and population increase, and the meeting reviews the contribution of the illiteracy program with Takaful in reducing the illiteracy rates of the “Takaful” program families from 62% to 20%.

– The Minister of Social Solidarity decides to disburse 20 one thousand pounds to each crying owner who was affected by the fire accident of the trade fair in the Ibrahimiyya area in Beni Suef, and confirms that the necessary mechanisms are taken to support Young people to overcome the ordeal and mitigate the effects of the accident.

– Ms. Mona El-Shabrawy, Head of the Central Administration for Family and Women’s Affairs, represents the Arab Republic of Egypt at the Investment in Early Childhood Development Conference held in Jordan, and reviews ensuring children’s rights and promoting gender inequality in Egypt.

– Within the framework of post-treatment services, a new batch of recoveries is enrolled to learn reading and writing in literacy classes at the Azimah Centers for the Anti-Addiction Fund, and Al-Qabbaj states that the certificates are accredited by the Public Authority for Adult Education.

– Towards raising executive skills And preparing to face crises.. The Directorate of Social Solidarity in the Red Sea is implementing a simulation of a shelter camp, in coordination with the executive agencies and civil society institutions.

– Al-Qabbaj witnesses the inauguration of the “Egypt Endowment” foundation under the slogan “Sustainable Goodness and Lasting Impact,” and announces the Foundation’s support for expanding the “Egypt’s Legends” initiative, with a million pounds to purchase machines and equipment for production as a first stage.

– In a press conference in the Administrative Capital, Al-Qabbaj announces that Egypt will organize the first regional meeting entitled “Banks and Arab Social Finance Institutions” under the auspices of the Prime Minister, and the conference receives 12 the state Arab with the aim of governance and fairness of Arab financing for social and economic programs.

– The Early Childhood Development Program signs cooperation protocols to develop 60 a nursery hall at the level of 17 An association in South Sinai to raise the efficiency of nurseries and support the skills of service providers.

– The Ministry of Social Solidarity, in cooperation with Handicap International, organizes a training program on “community rehabilitation for people with disabilities” And the meeting aims to introduce the methodology of community rehabilitation and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in policies and programs.

– The National Center for Social and Criminological Research participates in the activities of the eleventh cultural forum for the youth of the border governorates in Arish within the “People of Egypt” program. Workshops on cultural justice and promoting the values ​​of belonging to society.

– The Minister of Social Solidarity is attending the conference “The Role of Scientific Evidence in Bringing about Local Development in Egypt” in cooperation with the Sawiris Foundation for Development and the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab. The meeting discusses innovative solutions to alleviate poverty.

– Social Solidarity holds the first meeting of the Standing Committee to regulate the distribution of food commodities to the most vulnerable families, and the meeting reviews mechanisms to reduce the economic burdens on the shoulders of the most vulnerable. The European Union and the regional representative of the United Nations Development Program launch a relief aid convoy directed to relief those affected by the Sudanese crisis in Aswan and funded by the European Union.

– Solidarity and Dignity Program receives members of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) To discuss improving the targeting criteria for vulnerable families and ways to verify the beneficiaries of cash support.

– Al-Qabbaj meets with the supervisors of the Hajj of NGOs during the training meeting for them before the Hajj season, under the supervision of Mr. Ayman Abdel-Mawgoud, Assistant Minister of Social Solidarity for Social Affairs Civil work institutions, and announce the Ministry’s support for them to provide the best service to pilgrims.

– On behalf of the Minister of Social Solidarity, Counselor Muhammad Al-Qamari, Vice President of the State Council and Legal Adviser to the Ministry, presides over the meeting of the committee to study the axes of the national strategy for alternative care. To discuss the proposals submitted on the alternative care bill

– Magdy Hassan, Head of the Central Administration for Social Welfare, representing the Ministry of Social Solidarity, was part of the Egyptian delegation to the second round table on “Best Practices in the Field of Combating Human Trafficking and Protecting Victims” Held in Morocco, and reviews the Egyptian experience in this field.