Harvesting the activity of the Ministry of Immigration within a week

Aya Hussein

The Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs publishes a report shedding light on It sheds light on this week’s activity of Ambassador Suha Jundi, Minister of Immigration, during the period from 05 May to 19 this May, which is as follows:

2023 1) Within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ambassador Suha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, chaired a meeting that included representatives of the Ministry of Immigration and representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, headed by Engineer Khaled Al-Attar, Deputy Minister of Communications For administrative development, digital transformation and mechanization, to follow the steps of creating an electronic application dedicated to Egyptians abroad, which brings together all the advantages, incentives and services intended for abroad that have already been launched and are being consulted with various ministries and national institutions concerned with meeting the needs of Egyptians abroad and providing special advantages for them.

2) Ambassador Suha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, announced the convening of the fifth meeting of the “Permanent National Committee for Follow-up of Egyptian Students Abroad” to discuss the conditions of Egyptian students. Students studying in Sudan, Russia and Ukraine, and those returning to Egypt due to the unstable situation in these countries, in order to quickly facilitate all procedures for transferring them from Sudanese, Russian and Ukrainian universities, who wish to complete their studies in private and private Egyptian universities; This is in light of monitoring students’ inquiries during the past days. The committee also agreed on the necessity of preparing a list of all Sudanese universities, and placing each university at the current time, so that it is possible to address the universities there, to send educational and study curricula for students, as well as papers for Egyptian students returning and wishing to complete their education in Egyptian universities.

2023 3) Ambassador Suha Jundi received the Minister of Immigration, Dr. Marina Nakhleh, who has unique achievements in the field of people with special abilities, was announced by the Minister as the Ministry’s ambassador for people with disabilities. Ambassador Suha Gendi expressed her happiness with the enthusiasm and passion of Dr. Marina Nakhla and her readiness to serve and support the people of her mother country with special abilities, whether psychologically or in the field of prosthetics. Marina Nakhla played her role, which she succeeded in despite her disabilities in the feet and hands, and obtained two doctorate degrees in psychology and specialization in dealing with people with special abilities, as well as in the field of prosthetics, where she presented her experiences in this field and her desire to transfer and implement these experiences that she gained with regard to prosthetics and disabilities. In Egypt.
2023 4) Ambassador Suha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, participated as a guest of honor in a symposium on “Egyptian successes on The World: Challenging Champions”, organized by the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, British University in Egypt, under the auspices of the Ministry of Immigration and in the presence of Dr. Farida Khamis, Chairman of the University Board of Trustees, and Dr. Mohamed Lotfy, President of the University in Egypt, as well as d. Hisham Al-Askari, advisor to the university president, and Dr. Shadia Fahim, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities. Ambassador Suha Gendy, Minister of Immigration, expressed her sincere happiness at her participation in a kind invitation from the British University in Egypt, appreciating the effort of Mrs. Farida Khamis and her constant support for the areas of joint cooperation with the Ministry, and what she represents as a model and address for successful investment management that attaches importance to social responsibility and her being the chair of the Board of Trustees of the British University , which has succeeded in making it one of the most prestigious scientific edifices in Egypt, and the effort it is making to enhance the capabilities and potentials of our students studying at the university to be an active element in the future of Egypt.

5) Within the framework of the continuous follow-up of Egyptian students returning from Sudan, Russia and Ukraine, in coordination with the relevant state ministries and institutions, Ambassador Suha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, affirmed the keenness of the “Permanent National Committee to Follow up Egyptians Abroad.” To accommodate our children returning from abroad in private and private universities, as well as the Ministry’s keenness to solve the problems of Egyptians abroad, noting that the Ministry follows up the stages of progress of Egyptian students returning from abroad to private and private universities, in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education.
2023 6) Ambassador Suha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, received Mr. John Nour, an Egyptian businessman residing in Australia, and the father of the young doctor, “Daniel Nour,” who won He won the title of “Person of the Year” from young people in Australia for the year 2023. The minister praised the Egyptian community in Australia, one of the most important communities around the world, and includes bright and honorable models with great success stories that we are proud of, including engineers, university professors, businessmen, pharmacists and doctors in all specialties, referring to the second and third generations in Australia of young Egyptians who possess quality education. They have high experience and distinguished competencies, which makes the state more keen to create sustainable paths and channels of communication between them and their motherland, and to integrate them into development plans.

7) Within the framework of the presidential initiative “The Lifeboats”, which is implemented by the Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs in cooperation with the National Council for Women in the governorates that export the most illegal immigration, training has begun for rural women pioneers in preparation for launching the door-knocking campaign in the governorates of Dakahlia And Al-Gharbia, in cooperation between “Immigration” and the “National for Women” under the title “The Boats of Salvation, whose Sail is Egyptian”, aims to spread awareness of the dangers of illegal immigration, during the period from 11 to 14 May 2023.
2023 😎 Within the framework of the presidential initiative “The Lifeboats” implemented by the Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs In cooperation with the National Council for Women, in the governorates of Gharbia and Dakahlia, the activities of the knocking on doors campaign “The Lifeboat whose Sail is Egyptian” were launched in the past few days. The driving factors and their implications, the state’s efforts to reduce them, and the definition of available alternatives to provide safe work opportunities inside.
9) The Egyptian investor abroad Maximus Behnan, one of the experts of the “Egypt Can Through Industry” conference, founder and CEO of Kempex International and kempton ltd & Brooks, participated in the awareness campaign “Egyptian investors abroad answer: Why invest in Egypt?”, launched by the Ministry Immigration in the framework of its role to promote the Egyptian state and its achievements. Behnan said that the Egyptian product has become capable of global competition due to its products that mimic international standards, explaining the competitive advantages of the Egyptian market from the large number of people who are looking for investors, to the intensity of consumption and the investors’ search for customers for their products, and therefore we need to expand production to ensure that the need is fulfilled. market.

10) Ambassador Soha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, participated as a keynote speaker in the high-level round table meeting on migration, within the Mediterranean Dialogue 2023 organized by the World Bank, in a new series of events launched under the title “Mediterranean Dialogues”, with the aim of deepening awareness of the opportunities and risks that could stem from increased interdependence within the Mediterranean region. The meeting came out with several recommendations, the first of which is the need for states, institutions, and international and political organizations to cooperate to provide radical solutions to all migration issues, foremost of which is to provide support to migrants, to look deeply at the integration of migrants into the societies to which they migrate, as well as to ensure international protection for those people who are looking for a better life, with Taking into account the concerns expressed by concerned countries about the pressure of migration that exceeds their capacity, as well as discussing the return of illegal immigrants to their countries.

05) The Ministry of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs announced the opening of the door to apply for a job. Jobs for “security personnel” to work at the headquarters of the Ministry of Immigration in the New Administrative Capital, starting from Tuesday corresponding to 14 May until Monday corresponding to This May.