Al-Ahram Canadian University students in their graduation project create an application for beauty, grooming and wedding

Aya Hussein

created by a group of fourth year students at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Al-Ahram University In the Canadian Department of Advertising and Public Relations, an application called “him & her” is a collection of beauty and care services for both women and men, such as beauty salons, barbershops, massages, nail care, etc. You can also specify the location to find out the nearest services
2023 You can know all the details of the wedding and book it from the salvation of the application with the click of one button and with the budget that you specify to facilitate the reservation process

2023 So this application is considered one of the first applications in Egypt to collect all beauty, care and wedding services in one application

2023 Also, among the features of the application is the provision of discounts and offers for any service, knowing opinions and evaluations about experts, and locating to find out The closest services It also gives you the advantage of choosing all the details of your wedding according to your financial ability
2023 The students’ main goal in creating this application It is to facilitate reservations for any service in the department of beauty, care and wedding planning easily and to provide greater opportunity for many choices

The project is supervised by Dr. Sherif Moody, and Teaching Assistant: Berihan Hani, Department of Advertising and Public Relations. This project includes eight students from the Canadian Al-Ahram Media:

God gifted Ehab, Mayar Al-Sayed, Shaima Abdel-Razek, Yemeni Osama, Maryam Hamid, Nada Ashraf, Amjad Hisham, Muhammad Samir.