The Amiri Press launches the Egyptian Legislations and Judgments Portal… and made more than 320,000 legislations available through the portal

Fathi Al-Sayeh

The General Authority for Amiri Press Affairs launched the Legislation Portal The Egyptian provisions include the legal heritage of the state, which includes laws, decrees, republican decisions, cabinet decisions, ministerial decisions, and decisions of bodies and directorates, as the portal contains more than 194 a thousand indexed legislation And that is from the year 1880 until today. 2023

The accountant / Ashraf Emam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Amiri Press Affairs, said that the Portal of Legislations and Judgments includes all laws, the Official Gazette, the Egyptian Gazette, and the rulings of the Supreme Courts, which include the rulings of the Courts of Cassation, the Supreme Constitutional Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, and the Unification of Principles Department, indicating that the portal contains It also contains the fatwas of the General Assembly, and it includes the Fatwa and Legislation sections. By law, as it is considered an integrated electronic library that includes all legislation and provisions, indicating that the portal provides all tools to facilitate the search process, as well as an advanced way of displaying all data, in addition to displaying all laws with their latest amendments, and updating the Official Gazette and facts daily, in addition to all the rulings of the Court of Cassation. Civil and criminal, in addition to all the rulings of the Supreme Administrative Court with a summary of the principles, and all the fatwas of the General Assembly for the Fatwa and Legislation departments.2023