French companies display their latest technology solutions in the fields of broadcasting and satellites during CABSAT 2023

Aya Hussain

during the period from to 18 In May, the French broadcasting and audio-visual sector returned to register its presence again at the International Exhibition for Digital Media and Satellite Communications “CABSAT”, to display its latest innovations and technologies at the Dubai World Trade Center.

With what it represents as a leading business platform in the field of digital media that attracts more than 13000 visitors from more than 50 countries every year, the International Digital Media and Communications Exhibition is CABSAT is the largest event of its kind in the Middle East for experts in the content and production industries, broadcasting, satellite, entertainment and media technology providers, looking for new innovative technical solutions developed by various foreign industries. In this context, the exhibition will provide a valuable opportunity for 20 a French company to showcase its latest technological solutions and innovations, promote La Franchise Tech, and develop partnerships with companies from the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. In addition to other countries such as India or Turkey.

The UAE’s creative, broadcasting and satellite industry is a fast-growing sector, driven by the country’s strategic location, advanced infrastructure and supportive government policies. The United Arab Emirates has emerged as a regional center for media production and distribution thanks to its thriving media scene and growing desire for high-quality content. content, and she is fully prepared to continue her career in the field of creative, broadcasting and satellite industries in the coming years. In this context, French companies, through their participation in the new edition of CABSAT

, renew their commitment to bring the latest innovations to the local and regional market.

France is at the forefront of innovation

The world of broadcasting is a market that relies heavily on the use of its consumers. One of the key trends in this sector is the rise of streaming and video-on-demand platforms, whose revenues increased by 106% between 2020 and 2020. Indeed, today’s consumers prefer to watch their favorite content on their computers, phones or tablets. They are also looking for more complex and original content such as animation, as well as immersive content, particularly through augmented virtual reality that is revolutionizing the viewing experience by making it more interactive. The same applies to the direct video format, which also gives the possibility of greater interaction.

In this context, France is adapting to this new demand and benefiting from the many advantages of the French film and audiovisual industries, which are One of the most diverse and dynamic industries in the world thanks to its creativity, originality, technical expertise and sophisticated skills that range from directing and producing to post-production.

With the presence of 21 Exhibitor within the French Pavilion, the French bid will be well represented, particularly with companies from the over-the-air (OTT) sector, such as Via Lexis-Orca (VO), a leading provider of integrated data-based solutions, to enable TV operators and service providers to deliver, secure, and monetize viewing experiences across all screens. Companies from the archiving sector such as Memorist or Cité de Mémoire, both of which provide archive digitization services, will also attend.

In Europe, France remains the leader in terms of the number Produced films and ranks first in the number of active IPTV clients. Likewise, her expertise is recognized in technology, art, and post-production training (special effects, image processing, real-time dubbing/subtitling, archiving, media management, signal processing assets and standards). Finally, it stands out for its services allowing platform management, perfect quality and on any screen.

The catalog of offers for the France Pavilion is available here

The French Tech Mission

The French Tech Mission is a government initiative to support the structuring and growth of the French start-up ecosystem in France and internationally.

It is linked to the Directorate General Institutions of the Ministry of Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, where it aggregates and manages the French technology ecosystem including a network of capital and 106 rated communities, in France and abroad in nearly 106 countries.

also supports startups By facilitating its interaction with management. The French Tech Mission accompanies the most mature startups through the Next20 / French Tech 106 program ), but also start-ups operating in strategically categorized sectors within France’s vision 2030 through the Green20 and Agri

programmes. , DeepNum20, Health18.

Finally, through the French Tech Tremplin programme, the French Tech Mission allows aspiring entrepreneurs from tougher backgrounds to create their own startups. them, anywhere in France.