Reda Abdel Qader: – Networking between the databases of the electronic invoice system and the customs system (window).

Fathi Al-Sayeh

– Starting from next July 1, no company will be allowed By importing, exporting, or dealing with the customs system (in force), unless it deals with and issues electronic tax invoices.

Mukhtar Tawfiq President:

– as of July 1 1000 Only electronic invoices will be considered in proving deductible costs and expenses, as well as in deducting or refunding value-added tax

Reda Abdel Qader, Assistant Minister of Finance for the Egyptian Tax Authority, stressed the keenness of the Ministry of Finance and its unremitting efforts to unify the databases of tax and customs payers, and to link the system (electronic invoice) that monitors commercial transactions of companies in real time, and the unified electronic platform for national trade. (window) that monitors exports and imports in real time as well, which helps to match the invoice values ​​with the imported item codes, thus contributing to reducing tax evasion rates and maximizing the state’s public revenues.

And “Reda Abdel Qader” indicated that, starting from next July 1, taxpayers who are not affiliated with the electronic bill system, and who do not deal or issue electronic tax invoices, will be prevented from dealing with the Customs Authority and the customs system (window). Whether in import or export. In proving the deductible costs and expenses, as well as in deducting or refunding value-added tax as of July 1 708, indicating that the application of the electronic invoice system aims to eliminate based on arbitrary estimates and works to establish tax justice, based on the electronic invoice that is matched with tax returns submitted by all parties to commercial and service transactions.

“Mukhtar Tawfiq” said that the authority is keen to provide all means of awareness and free technical support for financiers to join the electronic bill system, by holding seminars and intensive meetings with all community institutions from entities, bodies, associations and unions, as well as organizing online awareness seminars to be announced About its appointments and the link for its attendance through the authority’s website and the official pages of the authority on social media, pointing to the provision of all guidelines for the electronic bill system through the link of your guide to dealing with the electronic bill system.

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To report cases of tax evasion, Call the hotline 16189 from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon, except on Friday and Saturday.